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Token Lott post for Monday

Funditry has a growing list of people who want Trent Lott to resign. (link via Instapundit)

I know the political world is dying to know my views on the issue. So I'll tell you.

I think Trent Lott should step down or be taken out.

It has less to do with the words he spoke (which I thought were incredibly ignorant) but the fact that he spoke them at all.

If you are too stupid to think before you speak, you have no business being majority leader.

And that is why I think Lott should be gone come January 6.


I agree, and would add that it's not so much what he said at Strom's B-day party, or even the fact that he said the same thing at least twice in the past (without so much as a murmur from either side, if I recall), but for his entire deplorable political history.
ps. comments doesn't want to remember my info anymore! wh-why?

Sing it sister!

hey hey ho ho
Trent Lott has got to go.

Tres concur. Hes only going to make it worse for himself. I think that his 'co workers' should be encouraging not to move into the majority leaders desk and while he is at it, to move his stuff out of the minority leaders desk. Turn in your minority at the door, Trent. Bad analogy.......
On a website I stolled into today they were having a discussion of which democrat should run (I know it was a slow news day, but comedian Al Gore did announce his unintentions to not run, in case you didnt hear) and they could only agree on Bill Clinton. Someone should tell them that he isnt eligible before they actually do it. Can you imagine them making it worse on themselves? Oi.

he should be tard and fethered!

I was surprised at all the Democrats who wanted him to resign. If I were a Democrat (shudder), I would be praying that he stay on. What a gift that would be!

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