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he said what?

Scene: Family dinner last night at my parents' house, all of us present

DJ takes a piece of bread out of the bread basket and looks around for butter. Seeing it's all the way down the other end of the table, he politely asks for someone to pass it down. Unfortunately, no one hears him. He sits there a few minutes until, tired of being ignored, my nine year old son says - in a loud, macho-type voice - what he heard at his father's house earlier that day, thinking it would get results:

"Hey! Who do I have to sleep with to get some butter around here?!?"

It was obvious he had no idea what it meant, nor did his use of the phrase get the desired results. I think he realized from the look on my face that what he said was totally inappropriate and that Cousin Paulie was not a person he should be mimicing.

But man, if I had a video camera at that moment and a desire to be on America's Most Ridiculous Home Videos, I would be golden.


Hehe. (Another moment where it's a good thing for my keyboard that I don't have a beverage handy.)

Michele -

Boys will be boys, you have to admit it is damn funny. Didn't anyone crack up?

John, we ALL cracked up, which made explaining to him how inappropriate it was very hard.

Aunt Lisa: DJ! WHAT DID YOU SAY??? (snicker:hahaha) THAT'S NOT FUNNY!(smirk:hahahahahahahaha) WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?? (giggle:giggle)

That kid is precious!

That is hilarious!!!!

I'm looking at Lisa's comment above mine, and I'm thinking of the one rule my wife & I have when it comes to disciplining:
"If they make you laugh, then forget it, you lose. Just let them go on their merry way." :0)

that is so funny

i remember when the 3 year old in our synagogue
stubbed her toe and in the middle of the sat congregation
"god damn it"

love kids

e's comment reminds me of a stand up I saw Damon Wayans do once. It kind of fits here too. He was talking about his son seran wrapping the toilet to get his sister and it backfiring and getting Damon. But as he said, "I'm a comedian.. Come on. If you do something around here, and it makes me laugh, what can I do."

Makes me wish my kids were young again! Wait no....that would mean I had to go through the whole teenage bit again. No thanks, nuh uh, nope.
Thanks for the laugh, Michele, it was great!


Around our house at holiday meals it was my Grandfather that would loudly query: "Who married the butter?" when he wanted it passed to him.

Cute, no?

Ah, but I miss him...

Hah! That's hysterical.