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Ho ho holy shit! A group blog with featuring a pissed off Santa, a bitchy Mrs. Clause, and Dingle, the union rep elf.

Itís nine days before Christmas and all is not well. Iím tired of this shit. Back in the day, when the Holiday Gods gave me immortality so I could do this crap every year, I was young of mind, naive and full of gung-ho-ho-ho. I wanted to spread joy and peace throughout the land. I wanted to make kiddies smile. Now, I just want to bomb the fuck out of almost every country and give every kid a lump of shit in their stocking.

Santa's blogging and boy, is he pissed.


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A LUMP OF SHIT!!!! JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!!! Can I request Blitzen's shit, cause I hear it's loaded with THC!

OK, Michele, we've got to start coordinating our blog entry titles a little better. Yeah, different subjects, but still...

Ahahahahahahaha ha ha. Very very good.