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millions of strangers are disappointed

Hang onto your Real Dolls and put your bikes back in the shed. The NYC transit strike is off. For now, at least.

After a feverish round of eleventh-hour talks, the transit union stopped the clock on a subway and bus strike early today - giving millions of morning commuters a reprieve from a walkout.

"Trains and buses will run at least through the morning rush," a union source told the Daily News. [emphasis added]

How comforting.

For the record, I do not tolerate either side in this mess. It's like a Joel Schumacher movie; there are no likeable characters, the plot drags on and on without really moving and it feels like it will never, ever end. All we need is a stylish soundtrack and a love scene.


And maybe some tight rubber costumes with outrageously pert nipples...

No, no, NO!

Absolutely NOT put your bike back in the shed!

I don't care if it IS New Yawk, SHOW YOUR INDEPENDENCE , and get yer pattootie on that bike & ride to work, or better yet really EXPLORE your city, for crying outloud.

There is so much about where people live that they miss out on simply by taking their car everyewhere.

Riding Mass Transit is a step in the right direction, but be daring and go whole hog.

Get out and put the Pedal to the Pavement! :-)

Very, very few people in NYC drive around the city, Kiril. It's just not feasible. In the outer boroughs, more people drive. In Manhattan, however, most people don't even own cars.

3 cheers for the folks of Manhattan!

Wait! So are you saying folks take mass transit, or hoof it, and forsake the Bicycle COMPLETELY? :-)

I don't buy that. :-)

LA is congested with cars, and busses, yet there are many folks who are brave enough to ride their bikes all over hells half acre every day. :-)

Some people ride bikes around, but most don't. It's mostly mass transit, walking, or taxis.

Wait! So are you saying folks take mass transit, or hoof it, and forsake the Bicycle COMPLETELY?

Uh, no. I didn't say anything remotely resembling that. However, the bike riders in Manhattan are mainly the bike messengers, not people on their way to work. As Lesley said, it's mostly walking, mass transit, or cabs for most people.


Hmmm.... That still doesn't explain all the cars.

Or maybe it does. The ones in cars are all out of towners, right? :-)