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Christmas Decoration Hell: Come all ye tipsters

I've been receiving some excellent pictures and links via email. I've also been scouring the neighborhood taking my own pics of holiday decorating monstrosities.

I urge you all to grab a camera and go riding through the night, spying on your gaudy neighbors, as I will award a prize to the person who sends me the picture of the most horrible display of Christmas tackiness.

Go forth and seek out the lights!


Seeing as we're nearing Christmas 'n all, I wanna talk about what people buy for each other...

Say you're a staunch Republican. Ok. And you're most keen that your children should grow up to appreciate the beliefs that you've stood by your entire life (or for a while at least). And just imagine that you're fed up of the vacuous, violent, mindless (yeah, i know its a repetition) junk that parents are expected to buy for their kids at christmas.

Why not buy them something more wholesome? Why not buy them something more educational? Why not buy them something that instills patriotic pride in their young souls, enriches their knowledge of current affairs, and enlightens them as to the existence of real heroes, outside of their colourful comic book world?

In short, why not buy them this?

Yeah, I didn't think so either, but there's probably some geeky kid watching C-Span right now who's creaming himself over this doozy of an offer...

I wish I had paid more attention because the other night on the evening news, there was a story about christmas decorations and they interviewed people who put a FALSE FRONT on their house. They have to go in and out through their back door. It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. The people who live their save up their vacation time at work and take off just to decorate their house

I'm heading to my parents for the weekend so I'm going to add a ton more while I'm there. I did find an interesting specimin down the street, but I'm still not sure if it should be considered Christmas lights.

I haven't even gone out at night yet and look - I found Santa Shrimp! Do you think I need to post a larger version? Damn these Cajuns are freaky, huh?