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have a ho-ho-homer christmas

No, it's not mine. The drunken-looking Homer belongs to my neighbors.

Mmmmm.....drunken Christmas.



Saw an inflatable Santa in front of the Kroger's. Kept wondering if the Arab world now has Inflatable Osamas.

Talk about scary, I JUST saw one of these last night on my way home from my in-laws. I didn't have my camera with me or I would have grabbed a snap.

We have got to get Nerdwoman to set up the video she did of our friend LIisa and the giant snowmen. Plus, we're heading over to what will soon be our new neighborhood area to get some snaps of the monstrosity one of the denizens has created.

that ranks higher than the 3 stooges dressed as santa's elves for holiday incongruity.

I really need to get a camera. In our shopping excursion yesterday, we saw a four foot tall Dancing Santa Homer...or Dancing Homer Santa...whichever...

we almost bought one of those, just for the tackiness factor... ;-)