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live from new york, it's saturday night tedium!

It's only fitting that the most boring, unfunny person in America is hosting the most boring, unfunny show in America. All accompanied by the world's most boring band.

Does anyone watch this show for fun anymore, or do people tune in a train wreck sort of way?

On an Al Gore note, I watched an episode of Pinky and the Brain today where Al appears as Eeyore (called AlGore) and Pinky and the Brain realize he is so full of hot air when he talks that they can use him for a balloon to reach the top of the honey tree.

Which was not nearly as funny as the queen bee being Bea Arthur.

Now that is funny tv. Narf!

update: On second thought, Al may have a career in self-parody. He's not doing so bad.


Has he done a sketch in which he appears as Pinocchio yet?

Michele and I are probable the only 'people' in the country that will address this subject: If Al Gore doesnt stop whinning about what happened 2 years ago, what will he he do when he is in office? Whine that he won the election? We all need to move on. It might be in his best interest to seem like less of a whinner at this point. It seems like all he talks about is how he should have won the election. Whether I agree with him or not is beyond the point. I wish he would sue someone and get the Presidency now! I am sick of hearing him.
Also, I cant wait until Tipper starts with her censorship movement. That will delight the entertainment industry.
****Case in point****
Tonights Saturday Night Live is a good reason to Boycott Media and the Entertainment Industry. I hope this makes people mad.

Do they still make new Pinky and the Brain episodes? What channel are they on?

I have to admit that I've always been an apologist for SNL. It was funny when I needed it to be (jr high, couple yrs of high, years later during a divorce. I relied on it.) I've stuck with it, thick and thin.
But Al Gore.
I saw him on The Daily Show this week, and I still thought he was an automiton (robot for those who havent been to Disney).But the West Wing Skit was worth a 8 years of doormat VP, and come on. He made out with Tipper (PMRC @UNT) for like 3 minutes at the beginning.
Honest crap like that kills me.

Good job not the next president.

I stayed in tonight for this thinking he was going to announce his bid for the presidency on live tv that caters to 14-20 year olds; I really thought he was that stupid (I was wrong).
My question is this: Those photos they show between skits, was that live film footage this time?
My other question is this: During the skits, were those photos?

Hey, congratulations on being a skoachy predictabile permissive whore slut, you disease ridden kid killer.

Your Mom

Al Gore also makes regular guest appearances on Futurama (and, I believe, occassionally the Simpsons). Ok, he's not doing his own voice - but for publicity purposes at least people are talking and thinking about him...

First, you don't mind if I kick that Your Mom person do you?

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiya! kicks him solidly in the gonads

Okay, now -- Damn! I missed SNL! I am a pretty faithful watcher, but perhaps the commercials subliminally scared me away.

I dunno, the Stuart Smalley skit wasn't bad..."I don't need to be the most powerful man in the United States."

Pretty boring overall. Of course, I'm old enough to remember the original "Not Ready For Primetime" cast.

I've never liked Al Franken but the Stuart Smalley skits have a special place in my heart. I've thought that Stuart Smalley exposed a side of Al Franken he normally keeps hidden.
I've been to a few therapists (imagine that!) and it's my experience that folk who act like the Smalley character abuse humility to the point of hubris.

"I am so much better than everyone because of my openess and honesty. This gives me the right to judge everyone and, of course, find them lacking. I will now tell you all how to be."

They are neither open nor honest and the entire act is used to gain power over the people around them to feed the need for control.

Seeing Stuart use Tipper to control Al was not a stretch. It wasn't funny but it was interesting. Interesting that AlBore thought it would be funny.

Stuart Smalley inadvertantly exposes something about the political left, their dishonest self-delusion on "How the world works".

1) I watched SNL back when I was staying in West Hollywood about a year back...no...wait...Vegas...when I was busy wasting my short trip half hanging over the side of a pool with a case of Bud, and some guy assured me (even during the tedium itself) that the show rocked.

Sad thing is, although I loved many SNL regulars in other projects, I could never stand the show itself, because, just like many sketch-based shows, it just seemed so goddamn....knowing. Like that smug mofo you meet at a party who pisses you off by constantly punching you on the arm and speaking too loud, and who always finishes a joke with 'only kidding' like he's reading off a disclaimer. 'Course, people have been telling you all night that he's a scream. Plus, I hate that fake-camraderie shit right at the end...

2) Also, I cant wait until Tipper starts with her censorship movement. That will delight the entertainment industry.

I did a project on Tipper Gore and the Parental Advisory censorship thing when I was at college (well, summer school). That shit is scary. Especially when you consider that, at the time I researched it, Walmart refused to stock ANY parental advisory material, and they controlled about a third (at least) of the american music sales market. I always feel uncomfortable when children are co-opted to fulfil the agenda of knee-jerk would-be censors, because it insults the intelligence of everyone, by making the decision for them.

I watched X Men last night (far better than Spiderman), and, during the scene with the senate hearings on mutant registration, I thought of her. Deranged bitch that she is...


That actually WAS Al Gore doing Futurama. He's been on the show twice I believe, and was actually pretty damn funny. However, almost all of the humor was in the self-deprecation department. When Al Gore is being humble and not a self-righteous lying prick, he can be funny.

"If we don't go back there and make that event happen, the entire universe will be destroyed!... and as an environmentalist, I'm against that."

I hate Tipper and just find every possible forum or discussion to say so. Did you know she's buying votes by showing her rack? Oh, and I'm always up to add reasons to the Top 5 why I hate Tipper. Wait, we were talking about Al here, weren't we? Well I hate him too. Cause he's married to Tipper. (and others as well)

Phish? - Yawn - Snooze

Theory of SNL Relativity:

SNL was funniest when the person watching was 18-22 years old. SNL has been going downhill ever since.

Special cases:

Anyone who was 23 when SNL started thinks it was only mildly funny to start and has been going downhill.

Anyone who was 43 when SNL started never thought it was funny to begin with.

Anyone who is 22 right now: enjoy it while you can. Next year it's going to start to suck.

Humor of SNL is greatly increased by the presence of mind-altering substances in the subject's system. Or so I've been told.

The thought did occur to me that SNL was actually "getting the guest". At least it had a germ of humor if he was an unwitting dupe...wait a minute wasn't that his job description?

I wonder what it is about Al Gore that brings out such nastiness in his detractors. To me, the Gores have always seemed like decent, intelligent, people trying to muddle their way towards doing the right thing.

If you call censorship the right thing, then I agree with you; lets ALLOW the Gores to Muddle towards censorship and maybe he will censor the left wing media so its no longer a piece of the bias, left wing stupidity........WAAAAAAHHHH Fox News is Conservative!!!! THATS not fair!!!! We want all media! (sort of like a socialist country....oh thats right, Gore has some very socialist ideas......)

The Gores decent?

Yeah...like telling that whopper of a tear jerker at the '96 convention. At the time Gore's sister was ill he was growing tobacco and passing legislation to benefit the tobacco industry.

Or how about hawking books on family values when son Albert III is a fricking mess.

Just as he is shocked that Lott is a racist... he never heard his father use the "N"word..oh, no.

Al Gore has destroyed his credibilty and worn out his welcome with his own words...time and again.