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blaming george clooney

We just watched Ocean's 11.

Guess I'll go out and rob a casino now, because you know that's what happens when you watch movies.

(I actually enjoyed the movie. Very slick, very stylish, a lot of fun.)


I didn't think I'd like it, but actually, was surprised. And I wasn't expecting the ending at all. Blame George all you want, I'd still do him.

Hey - we just watched it too. Is this incestuous??

Man, the Internet is getting scarier all the time ...

On your way through, could you put $22 on black? Thanks.

You should see the original with Frank Sinatra. I know he is no George Cloonley; but he was pretty good. Then again I havent seen the unoriginal version.

You lost, Juan.

Always stick to blackjack.

Isn't George CLooney on that anti-war petition?

Yes, he is. I don't boycott actors because of their politics - I only boycott actors when they make shitty movies.

My wife always makes me stop my grandiose plans for mayhem and won't let me be a criminal mastermind. Dammit. Maybe we should just go on a crime spree together.

I haven't seen Oceans 11, mainly because all the hype leading up to it turned me off. I don't usually like "heist" pics, and internet fanboys going on about how it was the be-all and end-all of heist pics cemented my not going. Maybe I'll rent it some day. Saw Iron Monkey on DVD last night, though. That was a good movie.

I liked Oceans 11, nice fun movie with fine
humor. After seeing him on this film I'd like to see more movies with him. His german voice is very sexy.