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outrage alert

The Univeristy of Illinois does next to nothing while its students are raped and abducted at an alarming rate.

In the past three months, there have been 27 rapes (several including abduction) on my campus. This week, a 28th occured. This does not include the numbers from the summer, when the string of attacks began. The total approaches, if not exceeds, possibly 50 women--mostly of Asian heritage--who have been targeted by this predator, who is still very much at large, and using a handgun to subdue his victims.

Read the rest. It's an eye opener. Emily, the author of the blog, also gives several ways in which you can voice your concern. You do not have to be a student of that school or even live in the area to be outraged by the apathy the university is showing.


Even ONE rape is too many...but 27 KNOWN...and possibly up to 50??? This is insane...and that it's not getting more media coverage honestly slays me.

This would come to a schreeching halt the moment they start letting the students arm themselves, but somehow I doubt that will be the solution they choose.

This is exactly what would happen if the "we represent the avereage american" Mooron left & the 9th circus had their way. All law abiding people, especially women, should be able to protect themselves.

Yea, I read that the rapist has a gun, but I would rather take a chance on taking a bullet and knowing I took some short horned shit eater off the street than to have my dignity stripped away and live in fear for the rest of my life.

Anyone who thinks that people shouldn't legally own/carry is just helping people like this. People who do this sort of thing are going to be able to get a weapon any time they want, be it a gun, knife, or a baseball bat. And I for one think the average citizen deserves a fighting chance.

Sorry, analog, but Illinois is one state that feels it is just too barbaric for its citizens to protect themselves in public with firearms. Forcible rape is so much more civilized, don't you think? So just lay back and enjoy it, ladies, and know you're making the world a better place to live by not harming the poor rapists of the world.