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what jesus AND satan drive

Thanks to Kieran Lyons, I have discovered what Satan drives.

According to this news bit, he drives a 1992 Eagle Talon.

Pudell's car then struck a 1992 Ford Probe, which crashed into a light pole in the center median. His car was stopped when it was hit by a 2001 GMC Jimmy and crashed into a tree. Neither Pudell nor any other of the drivers were seriously injured in the series of collisions.

After he was arrested, Pudell said that Satan was the one in the driver's seat, police said.

"The driver responsible stated that he did it intentionally, that Satan told him to do it," said Troy Police Sgt. Bob Redmond.

Looks like Satan is the environment concious one, not Jesus. Obviously, it was Jesus in the GMC Jimmy that stopped the Talon from committing further mayhem.


And, of course, DaimlerChrysler no longer makes Eagle Talons, or indeed Eagles of any description, which clearly indicates that the New Jerusalem is at hand, glory, glory, Halle Berry.

(I swear, I haven't had anything to drink beyond Dr Pepper.)