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I hereby relinquish my shotglasses...

Things will be a little slow around here this morning as I'm dealing with a ton of regret from what I drank last night. Regret comes in many forms, dear readers. Some of them not so pretty.

Check back around noon, when I will follow the latest trends and announce my resignation from the Bloggers Who Like To Drink Association. It's for the best, really.


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THAT BAD, eh ??

i can't believe google didn't cache it.

a nice bloody mary and a nap will fix you right up. who will juan and i drink with if you quit?!

Is there a rainbow in the toilet?

Michele -

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I recommend a breakfast at the greasiest spoon breakfast place you know of, and laying off those chocolate coffee martinis. Straight Stoli is the only way to fly.


Good advice, John!!! A greasy burger and a seriously cold coke...
the breakfast of champions...

You people are SICK! I think I'll stick to some crackers and water.

That was a rainbow in the toilet? I thought it was God speaking to me.
Whew. I can go back to being an atheist now.

Don't worry. I can carry the torch on by myself if need be! Well, at least until my liver finishes rotting.

That's why I stick to Carbona these days.

What did I miss???? I am glad that you had a little pick me up after our blah day yesterday! I "fixed" it by going to sleep at 8!

Tomato juice with plenty of Tabasco and a really big cheeseburger. Works every time (of course, while it's working you visit several neighboring planets!)

"Singing psychadelic phrases to the depths of the china bowl".

I thought "Rainbow in the Toilet" was a Dio song.

Just be glad you didn't drink two bottles of Slovenian cabernet.

If you lived in the Southwest, I'd recommend a big bowl of menudo. FIxes ya up every time...

...of course, there's a story to that, but not while you're feeling ill.

I hung up the drinking cleats about 10 years ago. Had to do the meetings for awhile and still stop in occassionally but since they don't talk about ASV addiction it doesn't really help me much anymore. Keep up the good work, if you're serious about it, you won't regret it eventually...and to think how good you are at writing now...you will just be that much better completely booze free. I think even Hemmingway would now say (well if his tounge wasn't a lump of dirt with worms crawling in it) that drinking did not make him a better writer, and in fact held him back from even better works.

Let me know when/if you need a thirty day pin and I will be most happy to send one you're way.

Or maybe I fell hook line and sinker for your little pledge of sobriety joke.