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lady godiva is calling

I would like to apologize in advance for any untoward comments or posts tonight, here or on other blogs. I went to the liquor store for a nice Pinot Grigio and spent $80 on other sundry stuff.

I'm drinking chocolate coffe martinis.

1 part Stoli Vodka
1 part Cappucino Godiva Chocolate Liquor
1 part Baileys

They go down way too easy.

Like I said, sorry for whatever may transpire, though alcohol coma may come before I get to any commenting or posting.

Plus, I am bleeding profusely from a cut sustained while opening the bottle of Godiva. I would take a picture of my bloody keyboard, but the camera is in the car and it's raining and I'll melt if I go outside. I have a cute little crayon band-aid on, though.


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I just bought a bottle of the Godiva White Chocolate stuff myself. It is so very good. If I wasn't going to attempt to write a final paper tonight then I'd be drinking it straight.

Hmmm...drinking. Now why didn't I think of that!

Let's hear a drunken rant on comic snobs!

OK. You REALLY have to try THIS on a cold winter's day.........Cibarra Sweet Chocolate (in the "Mexican" section of most supermarkets) made per the recipe on the box for hot cocoa, with a shot (or two:) of Liquer Quarenta Y Tres. To. Die. For.

That sounds goooooood!
Wish I could join ya ;)

Mmm chocolate martinis sound delicious!

damn. I gotta try that.

I jusst tried something called a "chocolate dream" martini, let's see if I can remember what's in it:
1 part stoli vodka
1 part Baileys
1 part creme de cacao
whipped cream on top.
mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, good!