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My prediction for Lott's 5:30 news conference:

He steps down, grudgingly, stating that he is doing so for the party, for America, for - of course - the children. So to speak.

I'm sick of Lott, I'm sick of smallpox, I'm sick of the NYC transit strike that hasn't even come to be yet.

I'm going to write about comic book snobs later. That will be fun. Maybe.


I hope you're right. If Lott doesn't step down, the politicians at the White House are fools - and all of the Republican Senators are blind with stupidity and cowardice.

-nikita demosthenes

To prove it's Friday the 13th, guess who's back home to bug you? mwahahahaha...

Oh, yeah, keep comments on topic. Ummm. Lott sucks. A lott. Get it? Ow! Stop hitting me!

Lemony-fresh victory is mine!

Admit it. You missed me horribly.

Comic snobs, huh?

-'So what do you do?'
-'Im the inker. That guy to my right, he draws the pictures'
-'So you're a tracer'
-'No. It's only when i add the pen lines and the shading that the sketches achieve their full effect'
-'Hey pal, don't get shirty with me just cos you're unhappy with your station in life'

So, mass misquoting of Chasing Amy? What's the occasion? No occasion, just felt like it...


I think comic fans worldwide still have that restraining order in effect against me for accidentally admitting that the early issues of Stan Lee's Spiderman comic bored me to tears with repetitive plot arcs and empty attempts at action.

I mean, dude, it felt like professional wrestling...

But, fuck, what do i know? I liked Ghost World. I officially require a polo neck and Weezer glasses to compliment my tastes sometimes....