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Maybe I should look up Jason Voorhees to drum up some excitement

Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me. Good things usually happen to me while everyone else is blaming all their mishaps on the date.

Today just is. It's not bad, it's not good, but it is so overwhelmingly blah that not even seven cups of coffee is doing anything for me. I think the constant gray skies have finally gotten to me.

I suppose I should be bolstered by the fact that the Pope did, indeed, accept Cardinal Law's resignation. Being of the school that sorry just ain't good enough sometimes, I'm not completely satisfied with the results. Law will still remain a Cardinal attached to the church, just in retirement, and I'm left wondering if this isn't all just a slap on the wrist for some heinous actions.

In other mind boggling news, Bowling for Columbine named Best Documentary of ALL TIME by the International Documentary Association and Robert Fisk wins a press award. See MooreWatch for the rest of the Columbine story.

Back to the book lists, and listing my favorite Simpsons episodes for Juan Gato.

Anyone else making lists of any sort today? I'm in an obsessive compulsive sort of mood.


What pisses me off more is that the arch diocese knew about all of this stuff going on for years and hid it to save face of the church. How the hell can they sit there and preach about god and how evil you are and how you're a sinner when that's going on in the church? How can they do that without a guilty concience?

Perhaps that is the problem, Statia.

Those who reach their esteemed place in the Vatican must leave their conscience at the door upon entering.

Today being the 13th of Decmebr is a great day for me, as is every December 13th!! Its David's Gotcha Day!

What, are you trying to make feel happ? How dare you!y

finger farts?? and doesnt david always make you happy?

I'm just reading Moore's "Stupid White Men" book on the Tube in the mornings.
I run the gamut from delightfully entertained to outraged sometimes in the space of a single sentence.

His movie is a better documentary than Hoop Dreams? That's some serious bullshit.

Took the words right out of my moth Ciscley.

And what about Hearts of Darkness?

If we are to use the Catholic Church as an example of how to live a good clean life; we are in for some rough times.....I wish I had 3 stikes in real life. I would choose them wisely (unlike some other religions).( I would start with Michael MORE, in fact) If I had 3 strikes and someone covering those 3 strikes up; it would be even better.
That they have to have a 3 strikes rule is horrifying......'Convert to Islam (or die)' as it says in the Crayon.

Current events aside, I sympathize completely with your Friday the 13th blahs. Ever since the Kindergarten Valentine's Day party on 2/13/75, I've loved Friday the 13th's. But today has been, well, feh. yawn

I got a raise and a bonus today! Best Friday the 13th ever.

Now I've probably gone and jinxed it.

Does American Movie count as a documentary? I liked that...

Probably not...

That was all that was on TV the cardinal EVERY channel- Maybe cuz I live in MA? My husband worked a catering at Cardinal Law's house. It was filled w/ Ming vases, art, he was told not to touch cuz everything was real. . .