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last post on smallpox

My kids' pediatrician was just on the radio talking about smallpox vaccinations. She is recommending that people not get them.

Oh well, I'm off this rant for today. No more smallpox. Acidman told me to lighten up.


How could you not lighten up. Haven't you seen the frowny-face picture of Trent Lott they're plastering all over the place? It's pretty hilarious. He kinda looks like he's about to cry.

Oh well if Acidman told you to lighten up then everything must be just fine. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it any more.

And bring me a beer, bitch.


Smallpox is horrible enough that it is worth getting vaccinated even if it means risking a 1/100,000 chance of complications. I, and everyone from my generation got vaccinated for it and we didn't end up as paralytics or brain dead idiots (you may disagree on the latter).

I am not confident that smallpox has been eradicated with the exception of well-guarded cultures in the US and Russia. I believe that many countries and organizations saw the potential of smallpox as a weapon and behaved accordingly.

It's important to know that even if only 1/3 of smallpox victims die, the rest are either disfigured or permanently debilitated. When I saw the smallpox post from:
Which pictorially describes the horrors of smallpox (I urge you to look at this post) I appreciated the fact that I had been vaccinated. I don't have any children, but if I did I would be first in line to make sure they got the vaccine.

I read an 8-page article in the New Yorker about 4 years ago that described the horrors of smallpox. It went around the office and made a big impression. I can't find the article now but this is an excerpt gives you a flavor.

OK, in conclusion, I think you and your children should get vaccinated.


I should have added that even if there is only 1/1,000 chance that smallpox gets re-introduced into America (by any means) then you are better off getting the vaccine than not. If only because of the statisics ( 1 /10,000 have an adverse reacton). The US govt., whatever one may think of it, is now requiring that every soldier gets a smallpox vaccine. The gov't. proved right with Anthrax.
Cheers, Bruce Bland

It's clear what's going on. Your pediatrician is tired of being stuck in traffic, and thinks getting rid of about a third of the drivers on the road is a good deal.

Check HER arm. Bet you'll find a vaccination scar.

(Snarl. F*ing doctors who can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to fatality statistics... 1 in three chance of death is preferable to 1 in 100k chance of serious side effects. I'd find a different pediatrician.)


I'd like to hear her thoughts after she's been exposed to smallpox.