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It's beginning to look a lot like (insert holiday of choice here)

No, I have not forgotten about the holiday decor from hell. The TIPSters have been sending in pictures and links and as Christmas fast approaches, the decorations around my own neighborhood are gathering chilling momentum. Look for an updated post tomorrow, and if you have any tips to send, do it now.

Meanwhile, I have some Friday holiday fun for you.

Bigwig isn't the only one writing Christmas song parodies. Mike at AKA Cooties and The Mighty Geek are currently embattled in a dueling parody contest.

Meanwhile the South Knox Bubba Research Institute has been doing experiments on the Spaghetti Principle Effect in relation to unraveling strings of Christmas lights.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, SayUncle tells why he affectionately (I think) calls his wife the Light Nazi.

See, I can be lighthearted. I'm not always the pessimistic warmonger.


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Definitely meant it affectionately :) Or she'd kill me

Ok, this one I have to respond to. I have with enjoyment read the ones after this , and thought I should send in a note. For most men (please - I am thoroughly indoctrinated and know that it is people, not men - but there ain't no women stringing the lights in any family I have ever seen), this time of year is filled with the Spagetthi Principle. Only similar phaenomena are the disappearance of one each of sock pairs, the mutiplication of hangers in a closet, and the inability of a friend to find the money to pay the bill (sure it is here somewhere!). Now (once again, one of many) out of country so this is not issue for me (now in China where the commercial celebration rivals NY). But remember very well returning to home at tender young age while in army (family did tree always on xmas eve) from africa many years ago on the eve. Was a tremendous lift for us all, as I was headed at the time to VietNam, and there was no sense of future for me in me. They did not know I was coming, nor where it was I was going. It bouyed me very much to trim the tree - get the damned cords sorted and lights working. Have ever since felt the same - I'm not christian but it has always seemed to help. Would love to put up the lights this year as well, even with the tangles.