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If only they were aware of Americans For Chicken Saftey.


Yeah. And what about those warehouse stores, selling five or even ten pound packages of chicken? It's not as if anyone actually NEEDS ten pounds of chicken, all at once. We need a limit on the size of chicken packages, and a limit on the number of packages a person may purchase each month.

Anything beyond the limit is clearly not for "sporting purposes," "personal use," or whatever some may claim.

Mmmm...Cluck U Chicken...

What about easily concealed poultry such as Cornish Game Hens? Cornish Game Hens may appear to be cute and harmless, but they are every bit as dangerous as full-sized poultry. This threat must be addressed immediately. Even if we save just one life, it will be worth it. Do it For the Children!!!!

And on a related note, don't forget the threat posed by the tragic proliferation of dangerous handtools, especially screwdrivers:

what a cute chcken.. he looks mighty tasty.

Crap...that's the company I work for...there went my stock value...

my site could most definitely use some poulty power. Where does one find said chickens on the net?