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Smallpox part 2

The What Would You Do thoughts about smallpox I posted today were strictly hypothetical, or at least something for more serious future thought.

Joanie faces a more immediate decision to make about the vaccination. She is a health care worker and as such, is being offered not only the vaccine, but a chance to train as a vaccine-giver (for lack of a better phrase).

As Joanie said in the comments, Michele, I invite you and all your readers to help me decide whether or not I volunteer myself for being vaccinated. Go give her a read and your opinion.


Thanks much, hon!

You know, even knowing what all the risks are, I'm still not sure what I should do.

I feel like a fucking waffler.

Here's a bunch 'o' info on smallpox. I'm sort of the Omega Man in that I've already been vaccinated for that as well as Anthrax and any number of other buggies. And as Michele will vouch for me, I'm totally unaffected.

By the way, I don't mean to sound flippant. If I had to make the choice, I'd do it. I need my kids, but my kids need me, too.

Yes, Joe is totally unaffected.


Not too sure about mentally.

I think if you're working in a healthcare profession, it's probably a wise idea to go ahead and get the vaccination. My mom's a respiratory therapist. So guess what, if people start coming in with smallpox, she's going to be one of the first healthcare workers who treats them. She'll be getting the vaccination when it's offered. She had it when she was younger, so I guess she's not quite so worried about the side effects. As for myself and my daughter, I guess I'll wait until there's a more imminent (I know I spelled that wrong dammit) threat. Granted, I can't even fight off a simple infection, so I'll probably be dead meat, but...I guess that's the risk I take. But definitely, I think if you're in a healthcare profession, it's worth the risk to go ahead and get it.

Well, back in 1964 when I was 6 our family moved to Japan for a year. We all got small pox shots - so I guess I am safe. It didn't affect any of us (and I can gurantee that - the voices on my other head assure me I am ok). Other shots included cholera, typhoid, and maybe one or two others.

Seriously, if I was a health care professional I would have the vaccine anyway - plus ones for other diseases that in the job one could run into.

I'd get revaccinated , but from what I understand, if you've been vaccinated before and didn't have major problems, you probably won't this time around.

I had some problems with my booster shot when I was 14, but I have no idea which particular vaccine in the cocktail caused the problems.

There are a lot of different types of health care workers. If you work in an emergency department, you should probably have every damn innoculation they offer. Home health aide, too (God knows what you'll walk in on.).

All others could probably wait and see if there is an attack.

Oddly, I'm squeamish about the thought of giving the vaccine. Poking somebody 15 times... ewwwww! Although... I have a list of people...