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You got a lotta explain' to do!

Yesterday, in reference to Sean Hannity's interview with Trent Lott, I said:

I felt Hannity asked Lott tough questions, but it seemed that the questions were designed to enable Lott to defend himself, not explain himself.

Today on his radio show, in response to a caller who questioned Hannity's motives in questioning Lott, Sean said, (and I paraphrase here because there was a cop next to me and I didn't want to get a ticket for DWW: Driving While Writing):

I am proud to have given Trent Lott a forum to explain himself. He deserves that much.

The caller then asked Hannity if he would do the same for a Democrat accused of the same thing and Hannity basically begged off the question and ended the call.

Later, Newt Gingrich got on the phone and told Hannity (again, paraphrasing) that what Lott did was ok because it was poor old Strom's 100th birthday for crying out loud and the man had done so much for America and he deserves to be honored and blah blah blah. Sean readily agreed and I was trying to remember back to the Wellstone rally funeral and whether Hannity cut any slack to the Dems for being so crass about a dead guy.

I don't think they did. But neither did I, and I'm not cutting Lott and slack either.

Anyhow, this was post was all just to say told ya so!