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see ya

Hammer. Nail. Coffin.


But he didn't ask for his resignation.

The longer this goes on, the happier I am, as it exposes the Pugnicans for what they really are.

Why aren't any Republican Senators calling for him to step down? What goddamned idiots.
And about that little icon: "I'm gonna sing the doom song..."
You are seriously disturbed! But that's why I love you, so...what does that mean about me???
Think I'll go for the whiskey tonight. Still have some?

Check your email Arthur. You drinks have been waiting for you.

Two HUGE ASS magaritas!! Excellent!!! Be right over. Er, well, you know what I mean. If I'm not there in an hour or so, feel free to drink them for me.
Thanks, sweetie.

Gee, my better half and I were just discussing Mr. Lott on our way home from target practice (had to throw that in there; I evaded all my adult responsibilities and went out shooting today...so there!).
Lott must go, and for a very simple reason. Forcing him to resign will give the Republicans extra ammunition against the Democrats in the future: "Looky here, we made this moronic, quasi-racist dimbulb step down when he stepped over the line. On the other hand, the Democratic...cough, cough...er, 'leadership' never said Thing One about Senator Byrd's affiliation with the KKK."