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Law steps down

Cardinal Law has offered his resignation

Don't look at me to applaud this move. This is something that a) he should have done ages ago and b) should have never even been an issue, as he should have been made to step down as soon as the depth of the allegations against him and his priests became clear.

The caveat: The pope must accept his resignation in order for it to take effect.

You never know. I can absolutely see the Pope telling Law he must go in his current position and right the wrongs or some crap like that.

A state grand jury investigating accusations that archdiocese officials mishandled alleged molestation cases involving clergy has been meeting for months, but so far has only demanded church records. Reilly and other prosecutors have acknowledged that they have yet to find grounds to bring criminal charges against Law or anyone else for the scandal that erupted a year ago.

I'm sorry, but turning the other way while your employees systematically abuse, rape and sodomize children should be some sort of crime. Allowing the abuse to go on and doing nothing more than shuffling the offending priests from parish to parish, giving them access to new victims, should be punishable by law.

Why do I think the Pope will not take Law's resignation so easily?

A 1999 Vatican document from the files shows that the pope decreed that one defrocked Catholic priest should not remain in the area where his actions were known, unless his bishop decided that his presence would not cause a scandal.

That's why. They just don't care about the victims.


"They just don't care about the victims" is the most accurate statement ever made. If they did, they'd back the prosecution of these men.

I'm tired of these people getting away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist for inflicting physical and psychological harm on so many. When do PEOPLE actually start to matter? Seems to me that people meant more to Christ than the Church would lead us to believe.

I wonder how the Boston archdiocese could get away with declaring bankruptcy. They may not have the money but the Vatican surely does and Boston is only part of the Catholic Church.

This isn't a Cardinal Law problem (he is an evil evil man) or even a Boston problem... it is systemic of a boil with deep and corrupt roots that run throughout the Catholic Church.

The Pope should have demanded his resignation years ago.
He stood up to the Communists, but not the Pederasts.
They should all resign.

I know this is sort of sick, but I'm rather hoping that Law ends up doing time and being everyone's bitch.
But no, they'll probably send him off to the Handmaidens of the Precious Blood retreat for f*ck-up priests in Jemez, New Mexico. (And yes, this is a real place. I've seen it.)

I personally think that he and the people he protected should be locked in a room for a day or so with nobody else but the abused and their families. Weapons would be allowed (even encouraged) for anyone but Law and his cronies.