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a small victory on the go

Thanks to Stacy Tabb, the goddess of the internet, A Small Victory is available in different sizes just in time for the holiday season. Please check the menu under "stuff" for the pda version, rss and xml feeds of this site. Now you can take me with you wherever you go. Whee!


Alright, ya'know that "more..." link on the last post? Is that a Moveable Type thing? I use blogger pro, but I'm thinking of switching over, and I wasn't sure if I should... It seems like MT has a lot more features that I come across on your site, so I thought I'd ask...

Oh, and to be totally naive, what is the point of RSS and XML feeds? And how do you use them on others sites? RSS readers and such?

Sorry for taking your time with this, but i thought it'd be easier than sending an email... :)