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on hate mail, threats and being an asshole

Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

No matter what I write about or who I write about or what subject I comment on, I catch some sort of flack for it. Be it politics or religion or sports or even raising my own damned kids, there is always someone eager to jump on me for the things I say.

See, this is a personal site. I am not a journalist, nor do I ever make myself out to be one. I am not part of the mass media. Therefore, there is no mandate that dictates I be fair and balanced. I offer my opinions here, no more, no less.

If you're in the mood for some navel-gazing, ranting drivel, click the "MORE" link and read it. I really don't mind if you skip it.

I receive an inordinate amount of hate mail for a small site. I also receive admonations, lectures and threats. I have comment trolls who appear frequently, writing in the same tired lines over and over.

The thing is, I don't stand on any one platform, so I open myself up to tomato throwing from all sides. I may be a registered Republican and skew conservative, but I am also pro-choice, an atheist, support gay rights and value my civil liberties. Thus, I get email and comments from the religious right as well as the far left.

I'm not complaining, mostly. I think the fact that I get hate mail and lecturing sermoms means that someone is reading the site, at least. What I don't understand is why some people think I need to edit myself or censor myself so as not to hurt the feelings of others.

Obviously, I am pro-Israeli and my posts will reflect that. I am not anti-war, and that is reflected here often, too. But it goes even farther than that. If I decide to talk about music, I am chastised for talking bad about bands that other people like. I'm called elitist and snobby. If I talk about sports or post winning Packers boxscores, I'm being unfair to fans of the team the Packers beat.

I talk about my kids a lot. I'm currently receiving mail and comments telling me that I have done a diservice to my children by allowing them to believe in Santa Claus all these years. I am a liar and a phony. I also apparently have no right to pass judgment on other parents (this stems from a post I wrote a while back on seat belts) because I am divorced parent and that makes me a bad, bad person. One person even wrote to say that I had some nerve getting remarried because people should only get one chance at such an institution and if I blew it, I should suck it up and live the rest of my life alone. I've had people email about posts at Raising Hell in which I mention DJ's penchant for wearing his sister's clothing and listening to show tunes telling me that I should get him into therapy now before it's too late and he "turns gay."

I have opinions and I write about them. It is obvious from reading this site where my politics lie. If you think my words are going to offend you or make you irate, don't come back if you can't handle it. Either that or learn how to voice your opinion in my comments and in email intelligently.

I spend a good portion of my blog time monitoring my comments. I have them emailed to me and I check my email often so I can immediately delete comments that are threatening or racist. It has become a job in itself to maintain this site. I don't mind. I get a lot of pleasure and gratification from doing this. Your hate mails and threats and name calling will not stop me. Not now, not ever.

If I want to be child and make fun of someone, that's my prerogative. I doubt you will find a blog in all the thousands of blogs out there that doesn't at some point make fun of a celebrity or a politician or even their family.

Get a grip, people. I'm just some asshole sitting here in bumfuck, Long Island and I happen to have a domain name and a cable modem and a really opinionated personality. Why do my words mean so much to you? Why do you care what I think?

I can't sit here and write my posts and then check them over to see if I offended anyone from the animal kingdom to the King of Siam. I'm going to offend people. I am not politically correct. I don't use racial slurs and I don't tell ethnic jokes, but I'm also not going to put your feelings ahead of mine if I dealing with a subject I feel passionately about. Sure, I can be an asshole sometimes. But this asshole responds to every email, bad or good. I try to clarify my points and I always apologize if you prove I have wronged you. I reply to most people who comment with dissenting opinions to open the door for debate. I try to be nice about being an ass. My bloodthirstiness I am famous for runs only so deep. But I think trying to be nice to people who threaten to hack my site or follow me home only makes me an idiot in some sense.

I am what I am. I say what I feel. I don't mean to offend your musical tastes or your choice of clothing or the games you play, but sometimes all I have is my opinion. Yell at me, and I'll yell back louder. Fuck with me, and I'll fuck with you right back.

I'm done playing nice. If you got it, bring it. I'm ready to throw down, beeyotch.


Watch 'Nightmare before Christmas' or 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure'. That always cheers me up.

But, at all costs, stay away from that new Bond film. it irritated me with it's immense suckiness.

Keep it up, hon. I respect your breadth of knowledge, and the fact that it make me think about...like...y'know...stuff, man. Always a pleasure to troll at my leisure...

Eeeeew, that sounded so creepy. Now I just need a big yellow mac and an apartment with paintings of mother....'what, mother?'....'no, i'm just talking to the nice lady'...'no, of course she's not a threat to you'...'NO, mother, no more killings. oh god no'

Um, gotta go. There's a long flowery frock i have to try on for later...

As Trent Lott is fond of saying, "Nizzle, plizzle!"

props to Michael Wagner

I've said it before Michele, and I'll say it again, you are one sexy lady.

I think your amazing, even when I don't agree with some of your stances, but honestly, I give you a lot of credit for standing up for what you believe in.

What also makes me want to read the site more and more, is your "matter-of-fact-ness." That's what makes reading a blog great. Being able to sit down and say, HEY! I AGREE! or NO WAY! SHE'S NUTS, makes me want to come back everyday to see what you said today.

You seem to have that down. Thanks!

Whether or not I agree with an issue you wrote about, you deserve credit for taking the time to respond to something that you feel is important.

If the opinion of some stupid 18 year old matter, then keep up the good work!


Hey Michele,

Don't let the fuckwits get to you, I often disagree with what you say, but I keep coming back and reading because you force me to think about my beliefs and attitudes.

I first came here when I heard about the boobie blog. I came to see the boobies, I stayed for the intelligent discussion.

There are some of wimpy, snivelling liberals that can handle being challenged and to be made to think about our views. Keep it up.

Dear michele,

let's go someplace tropical.

"I came to see the boobies, I stayed for the intelligent discussion."

I have to put that on a t-shirt.

Go Packers!


I see a marketing opportunity here. Obviously these folks that get so offended don't know how to use a browser. I could teach them about all the ways to close a browser.

Mike's guide to using a browser and avoiding offense

When you think you have logged into a site which may offend you:

Hit Alt-F4

Click the little x in the upper right corner

if neither of these procedures works:

Unplug the computer, put it back in the box and ship it back to the manufacturer because you are too stupid to be trusted to use one safely.

Sell your house and car, take the money, in cash, and use it as tinder to start a small fire in your bathtub to burn all the furniture in the home you just sold. Retreat to the backyard and lie spread eagle on the grass until the police come to get you.
Just another in a series of helpful computer hints from Mike S, Computer Geek.

Michele, feel free to print these instructions up as a small handbook and sell them over the internet for $3.00 us. (postage extra)

I don't think Long Island deserves you. If you would consider moving down here to the Ozarks, I'll look into getting you an exemption on that having to marry your cousin thing. My wife is a lawyer and knows about those things and Come the RevolutionTM we could always use another gun on the watchtowers in the compound.

Merry Christmas.

Michele, I hate to break this to you, but as your provider, I think it's my duty. From a general bloggerific standpoint, yours is not a small site. Trust me, we host several hundreds of them, and while you're not His Blogginess (and who could be?) the traffic you generate is fairly significant relative to usual patterns of use across all sites in general and blogs in particular.

I suppose I should look at my bandwidth usage more frequently. I hope I'm not going over my limit or I'll have to make good on that pledge drive threat.

The crabapples who send you hate mail are the equivalent of a Pekinese turd upon the shoe of God.

And consider this:
If Voltaire, Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain were blogging, they'd be getting the same kind of screeds, rants, and hate mail that you're getting (in other words, you're in good company, historically speaking).

I just come here for the pictures of pornographic christmas decorations.

Consider this, Michele: your words obviously have weight and influence people. Those who oppose you, fear you, because you spead an opinion different than theirs. You have POWER.

Holy shit, do I understand. I've had to write similar posts before telling my hate mailers to back the fuck OFF. It's ridiculous. No matter what you post, no matter what you talk about, they will give you shit about it.

"Blog it, and they will hate you."

Last week I wrote, "Cute, cute, cute. Kind and gentle and loving" regarding a site called HateTheMainstream. That is all I wrote. The only adjectives I used. The only insulting I did.

Within FIVE MINUTES, three of the HateTheMainstream losers had posted in my comments. The first one said, "Stab yourself in the face." Another one told me I'm unattractive. So I blocked their IP addresses.

Then, by the end of that day, they had posted about me on their site and started a forum thread about me, wherein they manipulated the little kid photo I have on my site and talked about "Rachel Lucas Kiddie Porn."

One of them called me a "slut" because I'd blocked his IP address. The same one who asked me to stab myself in the face.

And that's just my most recent and hilarious adventure with haters. It's a constant thing, and just like you, I have to constantly check my e-mail for the comments to make sure no one is asking me to stab myself or telling me I'm a stupid bitch. It's a real pain in the ass but also like you said, it won't stop me.

I'm rambling but I guess I'm just trying to say, it's unavoidable and you're not alone. Also I have noticed and blogged about the fact that the losers harass us girls a lot more than they do the boys. I've never written anything NEAR as inflammatory and obnoxious as many of my male blogger friends like Misha or Denny Wilson, yet none of them have EVER gotten hate mail like I do. In fact, the HatetheMainstream post I made was a link to the BlogsofWar blog, who actually said something about the losers. But they didn't post anything nasty in his comments except the word "retards." Go figure. I definitely think being opinionated women makes you and me extremely tasty targets for the assholes of the world. They just cannot stand it.

Hey but at least they're entertaining. Heh.

I don't know how relevant this is, since I'm from the Dark Continent, but it seems to me that the people who have these kinds of "break-outs" of hate never really seem willing to meet you face to face to discuss things or to get there ass kicked. Funny that ...

i just come here for the boobs.

well, not entirely. but michele has a nice rack. i'd play with 'em.

The ability to express an opinion is a sweet thing. When it bothers others, it becomes so much more sweet.

...the whole fuckin' world's against us, dude, I swear to God...

Everything my blogsis said, with interest. Every time she opens her mouth, I get more proud of her.

Not only should you not give a shite about the hatemailers, Michele, you oughta enjoy the crap out of 'em. Like Blogsis Rach said, she's nowhere NEAR as inflammatory as I am, yet I've received ONE, that's ONE, mail that would pass as "hate" and I'd dearly LOVE to get more so I could skewer them in public, but alas I don't.

Why they pick on you girls more is beyond me. If they think you're easier targets, then obviously they haven't seen you in action but then again, they ARE Idiotarians, so that shouldn't surprise me.

Just keep up the good work, y'hear?

Hey... at least it means that you are being read! I get the distinct impression that I am often peeing into the void which wouldn't be so bad if someone didn't kep leaving the seat up. Oh! What I wouldn't give for some legitimate hate mail! (Sometimes friends send me a piece to try and cheer me up but its not the same)

Fo' shizzle!

Your blog (and Misha's too, while we're on the subject) isso much fun to read precisely because it is so deliberately offensive (at times) and non-pc (almost always). Please, please don't ever change...


To Hell with the fucknozzles (thank you so very much for that word). I find your belligerence strangely soothing, keep it up.

Michele, How about linking the IP's of the cowardly little bastards over to the AI Empire? (I'm not sure if it can be done. I'm not a computer-savvy internet weenie-god. Thank God we have the best pocket-protector brigades in the world.) Misha and the rest of us Citizens of the Empire would be MORE than happy to give 'em the baby-seal clubbing they so richly deserve. I know you are more than capable of handling the Idiotarian miscreants yourself, but it'll give us something to do when the Emperor is too busy to blog-a-lot.

PS: I enjoy to female PFD's too. (Personal Flotation Devices) ;)

B.C., Imperial Chief of Torture