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A Lott of apologizing

On the drive home from work, I was listening to Sean Hannity interview Trent Lott. I was also scribbling notes on the back of a Taco Bell receipt with a crayon as I was driving. The things I do for you.

One of the things I scribbled as Lott talked was "some of my best friends are black," which a whole paragraph worth of Trott's words amounted to. I was really pissed when I got home, checked my blogroll, and saw that Stephen had come out of a short retirement and said the exact same thing.

Trott said his words about Thurmond were "an error of the head, not the heart," meaning that he meant what he said but not the way he said it, I suppose. He went on to explain that when he spoke of the things Trott has done in the past, he was referring to defense, budget and law enforcement issues, and not that pesky segregation thing.

He also said that when he tells Strom "you would have made a great president," Thurmond's "face lights up and he smiles."

That's the way my senile grandfather looks when I tell him he would have made a great first baseman for the Yankees.

He also compared his own misuse of words with the Wellstone memorial service fiasco, stating that people sometimes get exuberant about people they are close to. Damn, if he waited just a little bit, he could have said those things about Lott at his imminent memorial service/rally.

addendum: I noted in the comments on Arthur's blog that I felt Hannity asked Lott tough questions, but it seemed that the questions were designed to enable Lott to defend himself, not explain himself. Arthur thinks that Lott is working for the Democratic Party. It all makes sense now...


"An error of the head, not the heart?" Sounds like he said "I meant what I said, but should have known better than to have said it out loud." Okay, so he's a stupid racist. Can we lose him as Majority Leader yet?

Cripes, he shoulda been fired over losin' the Senate in the first place. "The name is pronounced Doo-mahs."

You can dress the man up in a pinstriped suit, clean him up, and get him a good PR firm, but bigot is still a bigot. Perhaps if he just owned up to the facts and apologized, this would blow over before long. Rationalizing and justifications will accomplish nothing.

You know A)you really need a palm pilot or at least a voice recorder for your thoughts because I shudder to think how many good ones of yours have been lost from your lack of ability to keep them handy (napkins and crayons are good mind you but not fool proof). B) speaking of palms--any progress on your blog being available on mine soon? c) Yes, one is left to wonder what Lott could have possibly been thinking in his head or heart, or anywhere else for that matter. Hannity and Rush get all pissed when the popular mass media paves the way for the left but it's all different when they do the same for thier peeps? That we have such a imbecile in office in such high rank with his party who is capable of blurting out such careless remarks should tell us all we need to know about American politics. But don't worry most Republicans are safely hiding under their desks until it all blows over.

Hi, sweetie,
I really do think that Lott must be a mole. Can anyone actually BE that stupid? Rhetorical question, no answer needed. But why the hell don't the Republicans dump him now? Are they waiting for it to get worse? What idiots...Hey, Michele, you have a drink for me? Or three? Or five?

What's your poison, hon? I got vodka, whiskey or beer.

I blame the conservatives, if it wasn't for them we'd be disease free, hate free, and in our spaceships to pluto to mine dilithium crystals by now...

The guy's not only a racist, but a fool. Trouble is, a lot of people here in the south - particularly mississippi - agree with him.

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Hiya again,
Well, I've had a glass (or two...) of wine, but vodka sounds just fine.
Be over in a few minutes!
See ya!

I don't like trent lott.

But I like what going on even less.
Why are republicans so quick to flagellate themselves in public? Why do we demand this? For honesty's sake?

But we can show our displeasure without handing democrats the ammunition to take over the government with. Can't we?

Trent Lott said something stupid. He probably prefers a segregated world. So? That's not illegal. Stupid, perhaps but not illegal.

And we'd prefer that he step down. Tell your legislators.

Pillory him in public? How useless...unless you like giving democrats ammo for their 'racism' slurs.

And, remember, the crap Lott supported was NOT Republican. It was the Dixiecrat faction of the Democrats party.

Democrat. That is very important in all this. The party that has consistently supported, enacted and enforced racist laws is the Democrats--not Republicans.

I guess if everybody shouts loud enough we won't notice that.