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Breaking the law

So Cardinal Law is stepping down as Chairman of Catholic University.

Frankly, I think Catholic University should have asked for his resignation long ago. Why do people continue to give this man any leeway?

Father O'Connell said that the announcement of the cardinal's resignation yesterday, after the board met, was not an effort by the university to distance itself from the embattled cardinal.

"We just wanted to say, this man who is the focus of attention, who played a prominent role in this institution, has made a decision and we are sharing it with the public," he said.

Why wouldn't they want to distance himself from a man who violated everything that being a Cardinal stands for? He has basically run the Boston Archdiocise into bankruptcy, he has allowed priestst to rape their parishioners, he has hidden evidence of those crimes. Isn't that criminal? Instead, the Vatican and Catholic University feel the need to point out all the good things he has done. I don't care he raised people from the dead and cured leprosy - anything has done would be totally outweighed by what he has not done; and that is to put the needs of victims ahead of the public relations of his diocese.

Hes been in Rome all week, consulting with various Vatican officials. He may or may not meet with the Pope, but I suggest to the Pope that if he does meet with him, and Law bends down to kiss his feet or ring or whatever they do, that the Pope kicks him in the face and tells him to get the hell out of his office.

Seeing as how the Catholic church has just been so reponsive to the victims of priests, they'll probably make Law a saint.


If Atheists conferred sainthood Law would certainly merit consideration - he's done more for their position than Madelaine Murray :)

Reason 4, 755 why I'm no longer a practicing catholic...

As a non-Catholic but an admirer of the Catholic Church, I'm horrified and revolted by Law's actions in this. I think he needs to be prosecuted as an accessory and conspirator to these crimes.

Eight months ago, an independent source (who works for the Catholic church) predicted something like this would happen, but that it would end in Cardinal Law being forced to resign his post in Boston and be reassigned somewhere in the Vatican where he can be watched over.

We'll see where this goes. (See also http://www.fredosite.com/sites/seneco/000226.shtml)


It's even worse. MSNBC is reporting that the orders for Law to transfer pedophile priests around came from the Pope.


here's the link.