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Whoever keeps coming here looking for "sexy grandma," please stop.

Also, to the person who wanted to know "how to tell when your girl is a ho," I would say the first clue is that you are wondering at all. Another good sign is if you come down with a case of crabs after having sex with her. You can always ask Snoop. He is wise to those things. Bitches up, hos down!

To the person who was looking for "Ted Rall fuckwad," come back anytime.

Yes, yes. Real content coming, as soon as I get the first gallon of coffee into my veins.


ha...I feel better that I'm not the only one getting hits from the elderly-fetish sickos. Mine are usually "nude granny" searches though. That's just...so wrong.

The important question is your ranking. I'm freakin' me out because I'm on the first page for 'naked+dead+girls' at momma.com. Of course, nakeddeadgirls.com is number 1.

I don't which is scarier - that I used to be number one for Pokemon Porn on Google or that there is actually a site called pokeporn.com.