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cov #12 and some morning drivel from me

Has it really been a week already? Carnival of the Vanities #12 is up and running - icons and all - at Laurence's place.

I'm still feeling like a crapstick today, but I've dragged myself out of bed and I'm going to work. I'll just spread some Christmas disease with my Christmas cheer. I've discovered that being in my office is far more relaxing than being at home. I think I'll bring a pillow and blanket and spend the night there.

I've got things up my sleeve today, including my take on Andrew Sullivan's pledge drive. First, I've got the shake the nightmares out of my head - they included working for the Mafia and stealing golf clubs and not being able to find a bathroom when I really needed one - and I need to come to grips with the fact that I am out of coffee.

That may take a while.

Go read the Carnival for now.