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in your jesus christ pose

Creed honored as Group of the Year at Billboard Awards

An inside informant obtained a written copy of the speech lead singer Scott Stapp had prepared:

I'd like to thank all the nubile lovely 13 and 14 year old girls who were gullible astute enough to recognize our music as a bland rip off of Pearl Jam orignal and our lyrics as pompous profound.

I'd also like to thank all the naive kiddies fans who bought the crap were able to see that I am the second coming of Christ a role model for the youth of today.

I feel a sense of overwhelming self-importance gratitude to the suckers fans who made us played out on every radio station from coast to coast so popular.

Oh, and I woud like to thank Jesus Christ for not suing me for false impersonation his guidance.

screw you guys, I'm going backstage to hit on Ashanti Thank you.


I fucking hate Creed. Blehr.

hahahahahahaha! ha!

Nubile would have worked, tho. While used colloquially to mean "fuckable," the primary definition is "marriagable." Closer to "of menstruating age," really, as the root nubere means "to cover with a veil."

And I thought I was alone out there... :)

Creed.. the next Pearl Jam. One good album and people follow you no matter how bad you suck.

creed? CREED? what the ...

Creed made a good album? Uh... no. And they've made the same damn album every time. I can't tell which album any particular song is from.

creed sucks. yuk, i'm so glad i didnt watch.

Creed music leaves me feeling violated.

And not in a good way.

hahaha that is so perfect!

I seriously think that our evil corporate radio cartel has issued a new Prime Directive: Everyone, everywhere must be able to listen to a Creed song at least once per half hour. More often if they have a new single.

I heard that this morning and I cried. No. I SOBBED! Shit, I'd rather have Brittney win another award than have them take that honor. Ewwwww......my skin crawled...

Creed serves a very important role in society. If they weren't here to fulfill that role, society would collapse.

And what is that role?
They are my inducement for getting out of bed most mornings. Otherwise, I'd lay in bed half asleep for hours. But I refuse to listen to a song by them, so I have to get up when they come on the radio.

Imagine the loss of productivity if no one got our of bed one morning because none of the radio stations played Creed. If that was to happen, the Islamofascist would win. And we couldn't have that, 'cause then our children would be raised to worship death.

So keep playing Creed, "For the Children."

You can rip on Creed all you like but I still think they're a good group. There are better, certainly, and the radio and MTV does its damnedest to play their hits into the ground and then try to shoot for the mantel, and Scott Stapp has a bit of an ego, nevertheless, they crank out some damned decent tunes.

And only a poseur could deny that My Own Prison is a kick-ass album, period.

Creed has best been described as harmless "prom-rock" - I think that's a perfect description.

Pearl Jam were trendsetters, who helped formulate a sound (compare Mother Love Bone to PJ - some similarities, but the sound evolved after the death of Andrew Wood) - compare Temple of the Dog to the tripe that is Creed - anyway, Creed are riding the dying edge of a wave, they didn't start the wave, they were listening to it (I hope) when it was just starting.

Pearl Jam did something unique - they took their fame and experimented, challenged the status quo. Sure, a lot of it sucked, but it's better than going out and making the same damn song over and over like Creed does. I'll take inspired, if not misfired, originality over bland AOR love-me-'cause-I'm-pretty teen rock anyday.

I bet the Creed fans think Green Day and Blink 182 are punk as well. snicker

I'm planning on hibernating from the radio...

I'm perceiving a drought of good music releases in the next few months and, after the immense disappointment that was the Audioslave album, I'm not switching on the wireless or taking off my soundproof earmuffs until the Stone Temple Pilots officially apologise for that unbelieveable disappointment of a last album. Before I charge them with war crimes...

Pop Idol? Dont get me started...

I learned long ago not to set my interests by what other people think, or worse yet to define myself by being anti something else. As I said, people are free to not like Creed all they want. But I find it kind of funny that people would form so much of their own self image by being anti-pop or anti-mainstream. I like Creed and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I like Green Day too, and they are (or at least were) punk. I don't need to prove my bona fides or prove my "coolness" by being anti Green Day or anti Creed. If anyone doubts that I'm "cool" or "with it" or "legit" they can look at my playlist and see that it includes Fugazi, and The Deftones, and Tool, and The Prodigy, and King's X, and Husker Du, and Nirvana, and Rage Against the Machine and a bunch of bands you've probably never heard of besides.

Music doesn't have to be deep or hard core or cutting edge it only has to be something you like to listen to. And I feel sorry for people who can't get over their own insecurities enough to listen to "uncool" music that they actually would enjoy listening to.

In the meantime I'll listen to Avril Lavigne, and ABBA, and Cat Stevens, and Fleetwood Mac, and James Taylor, and Steely Dan and I'll sit back and enjoy my music and laugh at all the poor pompous fools who can't allow themselves to enjoy such a wide range of music because they're too concerned about being "cool".