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cold contagious


Achy, miserable, head exploding crap on a stick sick.

Don't stay here, I'm contagious. Go over to Chuck Simmins's blog, read his post about Pearl Harbor and then help him set some of his commenters straight.


I feel your pain. Literally.

"crap on a stick sick"
that about sums me up today too.

It's the bug from hell. Always said why mess with smallpox? Flu or cold viruses are the way to go. They don't kill your enemy, they only make them wish they were dead.

Get well soon, and thanks for the link!

Feel better soon, and thanks much for making us your Site of the Day. Mike should be back to posting soon...right now he's in PERL class all this week.

Hey, I know where you can get a bigass shot in the ass. Literally. I got two. Just for fun. heh.

passing tissues and pouring bigass glass of Lynchburg Lemonade

keep warm and get better soon

I hope you feel better, Michele. I'm warming up some tea for you and I'll even make some soup if you'd like.