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twas the night before the vicar burst into flames

From BBC news via Instapundit:

Youngsters at a Christmas carol service were devastated when the Reverend Lee Rayfield told them Santa Claus was dead.

Mr Rayfield also told the youngsters that reindeer would burst into flames if they had to travel at the speeds necessary.

Parents were livid, to say the least.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of burning reindeer danced in their heads
And mamma in with her nightstick and I with my bat
Had just beaten the Vicar into a long winter's nap.

See Diversionz and the post Santa Nazi for a funny take on this story and kids not believing in Santa


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One of the myriad of reasons I have never wanted to have kids is because of things like telling them that you've been lying to them about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus. I guess if you have a religious figure like that, it's all taken care of for you! Gee, maybe I should reconsider! grin

My parents never had us believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny or any of that. I was actually scared of Santa when I was little.

I don't remember it, but I've been told that when I was 5-ish I told a kid in the supermarket that Santa didn't exsist. I guess the kid was pretty upset.

Whatever opinion you may have about childhood myths, what this Vicar did was unspeakably cruel. He had no right to tramatize those kids just because he dislikes the myth. Were my kids at that service, the Vicar wouldn't have had a chance to finish his sermon. I would have loudly gathered my family and walked out, letting him know what part of my anatomy he could kiss on the way out. Gawd this really bugs me.

Guess it's a good thing I don't go to church anymore huh. Please God, spare me from sanctimonious fools who know "best". Kids grow out of the myth on their own, and if we are lucky, maybe learn a little about caring and giving on the way. Let them be kids while they can, the harsh real world comes soon enough.

Yeah, well, perhaps it's best to be honest with kids at the outset, rather than them finding out later that they've been fed what really amounts to a lie.
But the fact is, the majority of humans go through life believing in lies, myths, ancient stories plagiarized from other ancient stories.
To me, believing in myths is an excuse to ignore the realities in life. It's more.....comfortable.....to believe in/blame/rely on invisible omniscient beings than not, I guess.

I still remember when I and my friends "discovered" that there was no Santa Claus. I don't recall feeling outraged or betrayed; rather I felt thrilled, as if I were taking part in a detective story. I suppose it would have been better for me to have been told nothing but the unvarnished truth my whole life. How dull. No wonder so many kids today are so jaded; they've already been told everything by the age of six.

Still think reality is better than fantasy-even for kids. If they understand it's fantasy it doesn't take much away from their enjoyment, and they are smarter for it besides. My son knows there's no Santa-but he still loves the idea of Santa and still enjoys the holiday despite my best efforts.

But I misunderstood the header-the vicar said Santa is DEAD not non-existent?? Big Diff, I guess...

I've never made an effort one way or the other, we've just put together a list to Santa, and then I put tags on the gifts that say things like "from Hector the Clam" and "to Gulliver from the Little People". Fantasy, in moderation, and when the child understands the difference between reality and imagination, is the spice that makes a childhood special. Who doesn't have a favorite story from when they were little, say, Dr Seus or Winnie the Pooh? That's fiction, and it didn't scar you for life, so why is it that when the fiction is fantasy based it becomes 'bad'? Give me fantasy as my R-n-R, and I can deal with reality so much easier!


childhood should be a magical time. The world rips magic from us all far too soon.

Ther are no dragons...no unicorns to dazzle us with their beauty.

Real is dull gray horrible and every day you've got to work in it. FORTHE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

my children KNOW that there is a Santa Claus. They even know that there will come a day when they just don't think so anymore.

But I've told them, that if they're lucky, a day will come when they will hear sleighbells on the wind again and know, once more, that Santa is real

be honest with your child.

Did you know that Santa is also made of Jello? Yeah, like that Flubber thing. That's how he fits down chimneys and stuff.

So kids, lock your doors at christmas time, because, when flubber santa comes down your chimney on the 25th, he might bring Robin Williams with him.

Now that's a disturbing yuletide message for kids.

You disturb me. In an entertaining sort of way.

ho ho ho (chortles madly)

He's very lucky my mom wasn't in his congregation. She darn-near beheaded a teacher for doing the same to me!