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the daily report

(not to be confused with Joe's far more superior Harrelson report)

The Slate Saddameter is inching towards 70%.

Oh, don't forget that Laurence is hosting Carnival of the Vanities this week. Go send something in. Beware of animated icons!

It's come to my attention that while I slept last night, Glenn Reynolds linked to my post about working for MADD (relating to his post on MADD being big business). I've been getting emails that the post is closed to comments (it's an archive issue, I think), so if you want to comment on it, do it here.


That thing is so silly. I had a boss during Gulf War I that used to call me S-adam Hussein.

Silliness is my mantra today.

People can say what they want about MADD, but that group has put a pine blanket on Jo's grave every year for ten years. They may care about money, but they still care about the victims too.

Most of them have lost a loved one and it's a way to feel that you are doing something about what caused their death.

I'm just way too close to this subject.

I meant to thank you, yesterday. You're really much too kind.