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tis the season for giving

Operation Santa Claus: A Call to Action

Kim and Scott have combed through the letters to Santa at the Manhattan post office. They are going shopping this coming Saturday to purchase presents for some less fortunate kids.

After going through the whole thing with Natalie about $100 watches and her whining that I won't buy her one, I talked to her about this today and she has agreed to donate a portion of her allowance this week to the cause. I'm going to chip in, also.

Go, take a look at the pictures from the post office and read about Kym and Scott's effort. Think about donating or at least mentioning it on your blog.

Note to my sister Lisa: Don't bother calling me at work today. I'm home with your nephew and he's puking all over the place.


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aww, my poor pumpkin-head! did you slip him something just so you wouldn't have to put in a whole week? oh, and thanks for the update ;)

I'm home today too....Jay begged me to stay home to have a "family day". Funny, it is almost 10:00 am and he is still in bed and I have changed three diahrea diapers and two piles of puke. Were DJ and PJ hanging out together on the corner getting hookers and smoking pot again?

Yep. It's the DJ and PJ show. We really need to get them better hobbies.

Thanks for the link to this, Michele!

Rescue me from the hell that started as "family day"!! Since when did Max Payne become a member of my family?

I called the Post Office in Milwaukee for Dear Santa letters (like I do most every year) and they wouldn't release them. They said it was too much of a risk since 911. Another thing that has gotten changed in the turmoil. Eeesh.