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he took the words right off of my blog

*update* the offending party took the whole post down. I still want an apology, damn it. Thanks to everyone who went over there and beat him with the Clue Bat.

Weird happenings. I had a dream last night that someone was stealing my content.

Lo and behold, I find this tonight:

Ah,yes. To sleep, perchance to dream.

In the days before the mean old USA decided Iraq needed a regime change, the little Iraqi children lead lives of bliss. The frolicked and played to their heart's desires and when nightfall came, they had a delicious, nutritious snack and mama tucked them into their warm, comfy beds. Then they drifted off to a peaceful sleep of bunnies and kitties and clowns and freedom.

But not so anymore. Grumpy old USA is going to come in and take their benevolent leader out of office. The USA is going to disarm their country. The USA is going to lead them to something more of a democracy than they have now. And that horrid, wretched USA is going to rebuild their country and help them get good food and schools and freedoms they never knew about.

Hang on while I take my tongue out of my cheek.

What nightmares that must give a child. Oh, yes - the nightmares of a coming war do exist, I'm sure. But to insinuate that an Iraqi child does not sleep peacefully because of the impending war is ridiculous. I'm sure that living under the regime of a psychopath fills their little dreams with sugarplum fairies, too... *rolls eyes* I'm willing to bet that you would be hard pressed to find a single Iraqi child who sleeps peacefully at night, even before all this war talk started (again), and that's the truth.

...the whole fuckin' world's against us, dude, I swear to God...
Now, it's time for me to study for finals.
Insight out

Sound familiar? Maybe it sounds like this post:

Ah,yes. To sleep, perchance to dream.

I'm too tired to even go over there and make a case about it. I'm torn between ignoring him and ripping his head off, but I got so aggravated in my dream about this last night I don't feel like going through that all again in waking life.

I'm scaring you, aren't I?

Nah, I think I'll go rip him a new one.


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You should compare notes with Stacy over at Blogatelle.com. Somebody did the same to her a while back.

Oh, and I called it blogiarism.

Ok there is another Chuck running around loose...I'll be Charles from now on.

Stealing someone else's blog is like rooting through someone else's garbage. It's a dirty job, and when you're finished, you stink!

For the love of all that is holy, go kick the shit out of that guy!

Wow, how blatant can you get? Do people really think no one will notice they're stealing their content? And how pathetic to you have to be to steal content for your blog? I mean, these things are supposed to be about personal thought, right? Sheesh.

Hey, maybe we should be happy that he's not an Idiotarian.... apparently. Although his friends seem to be.

Um, I've been a little stressed-out and hard pressed for material. Would you mind writing my blog for me?

I've just blogged about it.

Don't hit me, Michele. ;)

omfg, what the hell is it with livejournal users? they make me want to make rash generalizations! argh!

Click on the link now and all you get is:

Post Comment

No such entry.

When people hot link my images I replace the stolen image with the picture of a huge hard cock. That usually gets their attention.

Jason - that is a GREAT idea! I'll have to remember that. ha ha ha, what a chuckle that gave me.

i had the same thing happen to a post i did about a german "ecstasy bomb". dude copied it word for word and even linked to the graphic i was using. that's how i caught him. i guess it happens to everyone.

"When people hot link my images..."

I wrote a filter for my server which does pretty much the same thing-- if the referrer is on the blacklist, they instead get a redirect to the infamous SlashDot "goatse.cx" picture. It's especially satisfying when the thief is some left-wing moron.

Even if I was just a "by chance" surfer to that website I would figure something was up from the dramatic style change at the end.

I don't know why people feel the need to rip others off. Sometimes, it's like, I dunno... the fuckin' world's against us, dude, I swear to God...

Okay, this may sound stupid, but how do you discover when someone is doing this? How did you find this schmucks site? Not that anyone would want to steal my mental mastectomies . . . just curious.

Danie, I was going through my referrer logs when I noticed a link from his site, so I went to check it out and there were my words!

His LiveJournal scribblings still exist but look, when you go to comment, he's disabled anonymous comments...have to be a Live Journal user (shudder) to comment now. Punk.