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beyond the law

Cardinal Bernard Law consulted with the Vatican on Monday during an abrupt trip to Rome, stirring speculation that he was stepping down or arranging for the Boston Archdiocese to declare bankruptcy.

Step down? He should be tried for aiding and abetting criminals.

"He's lost his diocese," said the Rev. Robert Bullock, a leader of the Boston Priests Forum, a group that represents about 300 of the approximately 600 priests in the archdiocese. "He's in hiding. He can't appear in public here. We need new leadership."

I hope no one is surprised about this turn of events.

C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League and an outspoken Law supporter, said he considers Law the person best suited to fix the scandal.

"Were he to leave now, it would simply be in the lap of his successor to clear up these problems," Doyle said. "The cardinal, by staying, is really making a sacrifice for the church, allowing his future successor to come in with a clean slate."

Do you think the superintendent of a school district where teachers were rampantly molesting children was found to have been complicit in those acts, that he would be allowed to stay on to "clear up the problems?"

Would a CEO accused of embezzling be allowed to stay with the company to help clean things up?

If he hasn't cleaned the slate by now, it's highly unlikely he would do it in the future. In fact, he muddied the slate so much by not cleaning it up as he went along that it probably isn't even a fixable situation.

How people can continue to defend this man, who let his employees rape, molest, impregnate and sodomize the people who trusted them is beyond me. He should be arrested and thrown in jail, not off in Italy having an audience with the Pope.


I've been lurking for a couple weeks now, but I thought I'd share something that happened in my area.

There was a teacher that was accused of molesting a couple of students. (he has since been convicted) The principal covered it up. He had letters from the involved parties and did NOTHING. He's a mandated reporter for pete's sake!

He was then charged and had been found guilty. I don't remember the exact charge, but needless to say he won't be near anyone's kids any time soon!

Principals can't get away with it, neither should priests!

Has anyone asked what the Kennedys know and when they knew it?C'mon now.Catholics in Mass.and they gotta be in cahoots.

You'd think they would be shying away from terms like "in the lap of his successor".

Not to rip on Catholics or anything...but I absolutely don't understand this.

Molesting a child is an offense that people go to jail for. Why in the hell is the Catholic church debating what to do about their "little problem"???

If I were a parent of one of those children - you can bet your ass I'd be going to the police, NOT the church.

I'm surprised that he was allowed to leave the country. If I were involved with prosecuting this case, I would have asked to have his passport suspended until this whole mess id finished and he and his perverted band of priests are all safely in jail, and we all know what high esteem child molesters get in prison, don't we?