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when celebrities speak, people listen. And laugh.

Stop the Presses! Hold the war talk! Celebrities have written a letter to Bush and he MUST.STOP.NOW.

Because world affairs revolve around what two-bit celebrities have to say, you know?

Mike Farrell and Anjelica Huston will release a letter Tuesday signed by a hundred celebrities who want President Bush to stop his war rhetoric toward Iraq.

The letter reportedly is signed by stars including Kim Basinger, Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Lange and Martin Sheen, publicists for the event said Monday.

I can hear the conversation in the White House now:

Condi Rice: President, we have to stop carrying on like this. We are hurting Mike Farrell's feelings!
Rumsfeld: And Ethan Hawke! His vast knowledge of war and foreign affairs is something we should not take lightly!
Bush: And let's not forget Uma Thurman. If she says the children of Iraq would be better off if we didn't force a regime change, then by God, we must stop now!

What kind of bloated ego does it take for these celebrities to think that their pleas and petitions could make any possible difference? Who the hell is going to take to the foreign policy ideas of Matt Damon seriously? I don't even take him seriously when he says he's an actor.

Farrell, who plays a veterinarian on the NBC drama ``Providence,'' previously compiled a celebrity-endorsed letter in June asking U.S. senators to vote against a plan to bury the nation's nuclear power waste at Nevada's Yucca Mountain.

Co-signers of that letter included Alec Baldwin and Tim Robbins, Rob Reiner, Barbra Streisand and Harry Belafonte.

On July 9, senators voted 60-39 in favor of the Yucca Mountain project.

Ok guys, go back to making crappy straight-to-cable movies and whining on your websites. Your fifteen minutes of political fame are over.


Mike Farrell is the reason I cannot abide M*A*S*H* reruns.

gee, when did all these celebs become "two-bit"?
When they voiced their opinions?
You telling me you don't like any of the actors mentioned? None??
Love Ya, MicheLe, but to me, someone's political opinion doesn't really reflect on their talent. Religious perhaps, but I don't care either way how a celeb feels about a politival issue.

I don't know what happened to my comment ... hmm.

Sure celebrities have bloated egos, but I think they are just as entitled to write letters and sign petitions as anybody else is.

I don't see you making fun of the celebrities who support Bush.

Neener Neener!

Hey I agree with them. I mean isn't it time we stoped talking and just fucking killed em all? I think you just need to pretend you are the mass media and ad a spin to it and all will be well.

Celebrities are entitled to their opinions, but why are their opinions so significant that the press needs to cover them (and, curiously, how come those opinions always seem to be leftist)?

A guy might be led to believe that the unstated message is "this is what your entertainment idols believe in, isn't this what you should believe too?.

Melly, I don't see any celebrities writing petitions for Bush. I think that's something that the far left tends to do. They have this thing about petitions.

Chuck, what the hell are you saying?

They can't have principles because they're well known? At what point must you stop sticking up for what you believe? Say, perhaps, if you've only been in B movies? Can Bruce Campbell sign a petition? (okay, Army is one of the greatest shows made, but you get the point).

Sure, they can have principles and opinions. But just because they are celebrities, their principles and opinions get paid more attention to, and then they and the media act like it is some big fucking deal that Barbra Striesand doesn't want to go to war.

Bruce Campbell is not a celebrity, silly. He's a god. No rules apply to him :)

Bruce Campbell! Yummmmmmm.

Celebrity opinions? As Snoop!

It's not that they're celebrities and can no longer have opinions, it's that they're trading on their celebrity to get their opinions out to the press and whichever politicians are in need of a fat donation at the time.

Fame does not confer wisdom...something this country in particular has a helluva time keeping in mind.

Then surely the press should be excoriated for paying extra attention to these actors and whatnot.

The actors are expressing their political opinions, and they know the press will report it. That's the point of 'celebrity'. I don't think they're any more or less valid than anyone else's opinions.

It's similar to politicians using press secretaries to spin what they want to say. It's opportunism, and I don't really blame either group. It's their weapon.

Well, I agree that Bush should "stop his war rhetoric toward Iraq" and simply get on with the show. I want to see Saddam's Head on A Pike! (Forget Mr. Potato Head; this could be the hot new Xmas toy, doncha think?)
I also want to see American control of the Iraqi oilfields and a big dose of Whup-ass delivered to the house of Saud.

The media covers Bush events, and those typically involve celebrities. Jesus Christ, he was on the Osbournes.

And I'd like to add that, since Ozzy declared that the happiest day of his life, I fully intend on supporting war.

wow... I had no idea Mike Ferrell had ever worked since MASH ended


was written many years ago, but is still relevant

I think you have to ad a mass media type spin on the story.

"Mike Farrell and Anjelica Huston ...want President Bush to stop his war rhetoric toward Iraq." It is refreshing that celebrities want the talking to stop and the war to start. And are willing to go out on a limb and say so.

I get it now! I had my sense of humor turned off yesterday.

If anybody thinks the President has to even look at that piece of shit petition then you're not living in the real world ....
Them (fucking ego boneheads celebs:)wrote are want to write to him can just be laugh out and burned.....They didn't Vote for My President...stick to the dickhead clinton they voted for ask him to suck off saddam and make him get rid of the shit he wants to KILL USA PEOPLE with neener neener....HA HA HA Stupid Liberals

I want someone to re-make the IKEA ad but have the guy say, "Perhaps you are agreeing with Susan Saradon. That is because you are crazy. She is an actress. She knows nothing about foreign policy."

Or from Triumph: "!00 celebrities signed a petition FOR ME TO POOP ON!"

And so it goes.

It's interesting that they now recognize that it has been just war rhetoric. You'd think by their bleating up to now that our boys are on the outskirts of Baghdad.

And mike farrel being a spokeperson(i know he won't mind being called spokesperson) for PETA and all doesn't worry about the wild dogs in the street of Baghdad,Uncle saddam is taking very good care of them at his biochem facility.

dave sez "They can't have principles because they're well known?"

Oh, they can have them. They can even believe that someone cares.

And we can make fun of them for it.

See? Free speech all around!

i'm sure the kurds - who were gassed, raped, and watched in horror as their loved ones were systematically extinguished by saddam hussein - would be most appreciative of the celebrities efforts on hussein's behalf.

can't take the opinion of a bunch of people with, perhaps (except duchovny), a collective three years of college, much less zippo expertise in anything remoting resembling foreign policy higher education, too seriously, folks!

I applaud the celebrities. I don't think it takes college degrees or even high intelligence to have opinions on war and peace. All it takes is to be a member of the human race. Government, furthermore, should never be left solely to the "experts". We have to vote for our leaders, so we should know what is going on. Otherwise, democracy is a stab in the dark.

People don't oppose the war against Iraq out of sympathy for Saddam. They do so out of sympathy for the innocent people who will be killed. Consequently, many of the Kurds might indeed be thankful that many Americans are opposing the war.

And where's the sympathy for the people innocent people who are dying from starvation, torture and public executions for no reason every day? We only sympathize with them when it's America pointing the weapons?

I'm not saying that the FAR left has sympathy for Saddam, I am saying that by not wanting a regime change to take place in Iraq, they are more or less giving their blessing to Saddam to continue with the killing of his people.

Death to all bleeding hearts:On to Baghdad!!!
Suck on it, B.J. and all the rest of you Hollywood idiots and your starry-eyed, freakish fans.

Gee, I wonder how Ted Nugent feels on this issue?

So when are all the celebs going to move out of the US like they promised during the Bush election? I think there are places for them in Bagdad! All the letter writting reminds me of stuff 12 year olds do in Junior High to protest new gum rules or ask for a longer lunch period. It seems the egos and indulgences of the celeberty life include never having to grow up.

mr sheen wants to relive his youth getting arrested and carried away like in the 60's.. he's pathetic and so are all the other actors who live in fantasy land.. if this was al gore they'd be cheering him on and having rallies for the war against saddam.. do they think the public is that stupid that we can't see through all of them.. they live in make believe so much they don't know what's real.. and i don't want someone like that making foreign policy decisions.. tell them all to keep to what they know best...
" making believe"

Celebrities are so great. They're sooo much more entertaining playing themselves than their characters. Weren't some of them supposed to move to France or something when Bush was elected. Why didn't they? I was really looking forward to that. Oh yeah, the French. They bent over for Hitler and we had to liberate them. Now they say that if Iraqis want liberation, they should do it on their own. How easily they forget.

You do have to admit that going to show off 100 signatures in protest is pitty. I don't think that just because you can entertain, you are any more valid than the rest of our citizens!!!

they have the right to speak out and we have the right not to ever give them another dollar.

I agree, these celebrities are crying to an audience who doesn’t give a rip. I say we start boycotting their movies. If we hit their pocket books maybe they'll shut the hell up. No one cares what they think! With an approval rating of %70 + they are pissing in the wind. By the way does anyone know of any web sites listing the celebrities that support the war in Iraq? I have been looking and can't find one.

I agree with "b", they have the right to say what they think, but I have the choice to boycott everything they ever get involved in again, and I plan to. I hope President Bush wipes his ass with that petition, on TV, Iraqi style, since that's how these celebrities like it. Finally, we have a president with a decent set of balls, and they hate him for it. Like "harlequinhazel" said, I'm sure the Iraqi people would love to hear that a bunch of people who live the life of Riley don't want them to be rescued from living in caves, and fearing for the lives of everyone they love every day of their lives. Hasn't it crossed their minds that the president just might know a little more about the situation than Barbara fucking Streisand? If not, we're in a sad, sad state of affairs.

don't ya' just love celebs? the only reason they didn't want to go to war is because bush is a republican. if gore was president, and he wanted to go to war with iraq those celebs would back him up 100% thery're just a bunch of lousy liberal no nutt democrat @$$ kissers i hope they rot!!!

I just heard Mike Farrell on Fox tonight Dec 16? (Wed), and he totally owned the whole interview. He is quick-witted, very informed, and knows how to speak. It was amazing. He totally owned the 2 experts, right on fox, primetime, right in front of everyone!!!!! KICK ASS!!!