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Before I start writing here each morning, I do one thing - I have my daily moment of zen. And that zen comes in the form of Fragments From Floyd - a beautifully written blog from Fred, who describes his site as such:

Country life written in words and images from Floyd County, Virginia: home to one stop light, no Walmart, and progressive life in the slow lane. Make yourself at home.

Fred has left a present for us all this morning; a beautiful portrait of life in the woods. Go, have your moment of zen today and every day. Tell him I sent you.


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The best part of reading Fred is that the world seems so peaceful on his blog. It makes you forget the troubles of the world for a few moments and starts your day off completely believing that things can be good. Or, if you're a night owl, like me and on the West Coast, you can read something beautiful and reassuring before drifting off to sleep.

Fred rules!