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Sopranos season finale: a short review

Wow. That sucked.


In totaly agreement. A big effin waste of a season. sigh

It was beyond bad.

I'm SO beyond disappointed.

The terms "Jumped" and "shark" are coming to mind.

what the fuck???

disappointed isn't even the word, i feel cheated.

Screw Christmas. I'm getting my seasonal cheer from this...

St Louis 10
Kansas City 49

What? Doesn't that end the season for the mighty Rams? BEFORE the playoffs? What, no superbowl this year? And the Niners are in the playoffs as...divisional champs? Already?

After three, folks...HO HO HO

Plenty of time to change the band-aids on that poor ickle finger now, eh Mr MVP QB? Don't drink too much whilst watching the postseason ON THE COUCH. Niners for XXXVII...

BTW, I'm still waiting for season THREE of the sopranos in the UK, so I'm disappointed in advance, it seems...

Can we just forget the whole season and have a do-over?

I thought the entire season was excellent. [shrug]

missed it...was watching football

Go Pack!

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The season finale plays on Tuesday in Canada. It's been a bit disappointing. I guess the one year layoff has cooled the author's creative juices.

Or maybe they needed to reduce cast costs dramatically. They surely seemed to be dropping like flies this season.

Actually, it's not that I hated it, it's that I felt it just kind of happened so suddenly that it was a "here-you-go-let's-forcefeed-it-to-you" deal. Kind of a "hey, let's see what curves we can throw at the viewers and leave them hanging for another 15 months!" episode. Then again, it doesn't take much to entertain me. I watch Dude, Where's My Car? whenever it comes on cable.

I'm in agreement with Scott. Loved every minute of it. Oh well.

There were some "cliffhangers" to keep people hanging (which there should be, anyway), but I thought alot of sub-plots got resolved as well. Enough to make it satisfying.

Why do you all keep watching it?

Uhm, we all keep watching it because the first several seasons were exceptionally good, and we know the show is to be wrapped up next season, so we're hoping for better.

I liked some of the episodes this season, but the show has clearly reached the point where it's only talking to the audience it knows it already has. That's usually the point where a show only has another season or two left at most.

Ah, but we know they only have one more season to go. Here's hoping they've go a story arc developed that makes the last season worth this one, which wasn't horrible, but wasn't great.

Some real good episodes though. I was sure glad to see Ralphie finally get whacked. And there's some stuff that's obviously going to build to some big climax next season. Maybe even a war, eh?

heh, you think you got hassles - last week, after a huge round of publicity for season 4, the only networks showing the sopranos decided it would replay the entire season 3 before it will show this year's episodes.

I must be one of the few people who don't watch it. I saw a couple of episodes the first season, but haven't followed it since. Of course, if the general consensus is that the finale wasn't all that good, I suppose that saved me some time.

I felt Season 3 was the weakest one of the lot. Much more happened this year than last, and, sure, while there may have been slow episodes, you have to remember that the real mob doesn't kill people every week.

Tony, himself, said it last night in the episode. Some times life is quiet, some times it isn't. Next season is shaping up to be the latter.

But to those who say this season sucked, I offer this:

Ralphie and Janice.
The horse.
Ralphie's death.
Pauly in the slammer.
Silvio and Columbus Day.
AJ and his girlfriend.
Meadow and her fights with Tony and Carm.
Ralphie's kid's injury.
Ralphie's death.
Christopher's downward slide.
Adrianna and the FBI.
Christopher's intervention and rehab.
Johnny Sack playing both sides against one another.
The Esplanade deal turning sour.

... and much more.

Best part of the season was the hysteria of seeing Ralphia's butt getting tagged by Janice. And that ain't saying much.

Not for nuthin', Scott, but most of those things you listed could easily be construed as evidence directly contradicting your point.

it was all filler and no meat. not even a bump on a hill, let alone a cliffhanger. =(

I've never seen it and never will, so I can't say if it is good or bad, but it sounds like a disgusting show to me.

Season 4 was all about family--the real kind, the kind that should matter most, i.e. the "fam"--spouse & kids & significant others (including shrinks)--as opposed to "associates." Tony was becoming aware of that the entire season--quite possibly too late for it to matter. And that's a REAL tragedy. That's probably why many folks found the season "boring and slow." It was actually rich in detail and fascinating in character. And the body count was nothing to sneeze at for all action fans out there. My God!! Paulie whacking an old lady for her mattress money! Can you beat that?

A very dissapointing season indeed, needed more action , starting to turn into a soap opera not an action series. Need more hits on people, more interaction with the other 5 families. Focus needs to be more on the mob than relationships.

Will all of you pleae get a life!

What a shame... the last episode. Being 'stretched" to 75 minutes didn't help-- all I did was watch the clock for the last 15, hoping SOMETHING would happen : (

Hey... they are not going to kill someone for the hell of it... it's all about character development you idiots... tony and carm broke up.. that a was a big deal... they aren't going to whack someone just because it is the end of the season! That's not the way the mob works. That wouldn't be reality and this is a reality based show. God you people are so stupid

Aside from Ralphie's death, which was the pinnacle of this season, it's all been a waste. Practically every, single episode seemed like stupid filler, slowly building up issues to flat resolutions, loose ends, leaving us hanging, or something of the manner. Compared to previous seasons, this has been a complete disappointment.

Paulie kills an old lady. Two thug crack dealers are killed in their car. Big deal. Compare this to the last two eps. of season two, when Janice kills Richie, then all of the cool dream sequences, Pussy's execution, etc. I think David Chase is running out of good ideas, and resting on his laurels.
I can think of DOZENS of ways they could have made this season 10X more effective.

99% of all fans I've talked to HATED the way this season ended up, and if this show doesn't get its shit together, it's going to wind up going straight down the drain. _

-A VERY angry ex-Sopranos fan.

I agree, this was definitely the worst season of them all. Bad thing is we have to wait another year to see if the show can redeem itself!

Amen, "Disappointed and Pissed." While the finale was extremely well-acted on the parts of Falco and Gandolfini, they should have also thrown us some serious plot twists and action elements. That's why I like this show - it has (or HAD) high quality from both angles, and this season, save a few eps., really faltered with half of the formula.

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