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peace, love and throw stones at your enemies

What cracks me up about the far-left movement is that they propose to be all about political correctness. Except when it applies to someone they don't like.

And they have no sense of humor. But I guess there is no room for humor when you are trying to avoid hurting the feelings of every living thing on the planet. Except the J-E-W-S, of course and Indymedia brings out the most caustic of anti-Semites.

The current thread of ignorance stems from the Rainbow Shops dispute in the Bay Area. (See, Food Fight in Tofu Land, SFGate.com, 12/5/02).

The thread starts off with a poster calling for people to support Rainbow Food's boycott of products imported from Israel. To be fair, Rainbow Food is a co-op, and not all the members of the co-op are in agreement on this issue, so only certain departments of the store are taking part in the boycott. In turn, Rainbow Foods has taken some flack for its stance, and the supporters of both the boycott and Palestine want people to show up at the store and spend money there to send a message. Fair enough.

The first comment goes like this:

This is a public call to steal and destroy as much property at Rainbow Grocers (1745 Folsom St. at 13th St. in San Francisco) as possible. As a concerned anarchist neo-liberal, this is protected public speech. This form of protest will show the world that it is WRONG to exploit dead vegetation for profits. [emphasis added]

Obviously a joke, a parody, some tongue in cheek humor, whatever you want to call it.

This is followed up with this comment, from one Nessie, whom I have taken to taks here quite a few times before:

>anarchist neo-liberal,
There is no such thing.
>this is protected public speech.
No, it's not.
It's assault on my NoBAWC comrades. If you do it in front of me, I'll hurt you

An astute reader responds with:

Of all the characters on this forum, I love Nessie the most. One post was an obvious parody of the vegan lifestyle and a shot at the violent nature of ALF, ELF, PETA, and other activist groups in our fair town. What I found the most side-splitting is that Nessie threaten to injure somebody! If splashing dye onto an ermine coat or trashing a Starbucks is political speech, then torching a grocery store is too, right? Well, both are wrong, but it is a rich tapestry of inept protest and inarticulate ethical theories that make this site a bounty of spurious thought.

Think Nessie would get the hint at that point. Nope. Here is Nessie's next reply:

This is not funny, nor do I expect it was intended to be. Zionists and their supporters are cold blooded, amoral and ruthless. Blood drips from their fangs. Anybody who doesnít take their threats seriously needs a history lesson.

When in doubt, resort to name calling. I think that mantra is written somewhere in the How To Be A Far Left Liberal handbook. And it deteriorates from there.

Posted by someone cleverly named FUCKISRAEL:

So some fucking jews are upset because they can't find some "kosher" snacks to feed their fat fucking ugly-ass faces with at the local natural food store? These bourgeois jews love to eat guilt-free according to their "religion" and "social conscience". HA! If they had a "social conscience" they would return "Isreal" back to its rightful owners, the Palestinians. But they won't. They don't give a fuck about human rights.

And it sucks hearing that Rainbow is backing down from a total boycott. Now they're running a damage control P.R. campaign to not lose any jewish business. Even though they are a collective organization, they still have to play the game to remain in business in this Kapitalist society.

Ok, fuckstick. Let's talk human rights. Let's talk about suicide bombers who purposefully attack schools and buses full of children. Let's talk about being proud of your child growing up to be a cowardly killer. Human rights, my ass. You, my terrorist-loving friend, are about as intelligent as a used tampon. If you want to get into a debate, or even a knock-down, drag-out fight about Israel v. Palestine, fine, go for it. But I can see by your lovely string of epitaphs and slurs that you, too, have read the far-left how-to book. Here's a clue guys - it's not working.

And then:

These people ("Zionists") are violent. They don't give a rat's patooty what you or I think. If they're gonna do it (protest with violence), they're gonna do it. Our opinion is not part of their equation.

If they do it, and I happen to be present, Iím going to get violent right back at them. Itís the right thing to do. Everyone should. People who allow their comrades to become victims of violence, and do nothing about it, are scum.

Where is this violence? I haven't seen any stories about Jews gathering in front of Rainbow Foods ready to do battle in a Middle East version of West Side Story.
And you call Israelis violent? Why is it that these people cannot see the violence perpetrated by the people they are supporting? Or is it that they think suicide bombing is somehow justified?

On the subject of violence comes this comment:

Fascist vigilantes arenít the main problem, either, but they are a problem, a real problem, sometimes a fatal one. As such, they must be dealt with, and not ignored. Ignoring them is dangerous. On occasion, it is fatal. Unlike the police, however, fascist vigilantes can be dealt with, and itís not rocket science.

It often requires violence, though, because non violence does not work against violent people, especially fascists and racists. Itís a waste of time and it can get you killed. Fascists, racists, and thugs in general, are violent by nature. They are also driven. Talk alone never dissuades them. Thump therapy does.

Hmm..aren't you guys the ones who hold up peace signs and call for an end to all wars? Your gentle, loving nature sure takes a turn for the worse when it has hatred spurring it on. You are all hypocrites of the highest order.

The thing that really pisses me off is the way in which the far-left, on the one hand, preaches tolerance and acceptance and peace, love and flowers.

Except for the J-E-W-S. It's ok to kill them It's ok to threaten them with violence. It's ok to call them names and insult every one of them. It's when talking about Jews that the real stripes of the far-left come through. They may call themselves peaceful, but in this instant, I call them hateful and violent.



Up untill 150 years ago we didn't have to worry as much about folks this stupid. They would wander out into the woods and get eaten by bears or fall into a hole or pull some assinine stunt that would get them skinned and scalped by the less than friendly natives.

Now half our laws were designed to keep them from killing accidently themselves or each other.

Maybe we need to revive these contests

These people just fucking scare me.

It is bizarre that American Jews continue to vote Left. They need to accept what American evangelists and possibly the Roman church already understand: Judiasm and Christianity are sects of the same religion. The ideas of the West are to a measure Jewish concepts borne by Christianity and spread by settlers. Pro-Palestian, anti-settler, anti-Jewish sentiment is of the same mold as anti- American, anti-settler, anti-Christian sentiment.

"I think that mantra is written somewhere in the How To Be A Far Left Liberal handbook"

Well, crap. There's a handbook?
If I find out that Middle of the Road Liberals With a Sense of Humor have a handbook, that's it.
I don't belong to anything with a handbook.
Except at work - but they pay me.

Why is it that the stupid people are always the most vocal? Wouldn't you think that at some point they'd learn to close their mouths so someone, on an off chance, not notice the sloping forehead and knuckles dragging the ground and mistake them for a semi-intelligent person?

>>HA! If they had a "social conscience" they would return "Isreal" back to its rightful owners, the Palestinians. But they won't. They don't give a fuck about human rights.

AAAAAHHH!!! No one EVER talks about WHY ISRAEL EXISTS in the FIRST PLACE!!!! There was this little thing called WORLD WAR II and a MANIAC called HITLER.


Neither the Left nor the Right has a monopoly on humorless extremists.

Nor does the "Far Left" advertise themselves as being "all about political correctness" any more than the Far Right "advertises" itself as being all about bigoted fascism.

Extremists of any stripe are dangerous and scary.

Anne..of course, extremists are dangerous whatever their affiliation. But it is important, at any point in history, to identify the direction from which comes the main threat to civilization, and take action to counter it.

If you were in Germany in 1933, that threat came from the Nazis. Yes, the German Communists were often very bad people too, but if you focused your attention in that direction, you'd be wasting your time.

In 2002, in the U.S., the main threat to civilization comes from people who identify themselves as "progressives" or something similar. It is vitally important that the decent liberals, leftists, and progressives disassociate themselves from these people.

sigh It's things like this that make me want to build a bunker and stockpile weapons.

Ya know, I was going to respond to this silly nessie person and then I realized that there's no honour in doing battle with the unarmed.

"Zionism is a set of beliefs. There are Israelis too young tohave formulated beliefs about anything. "

I'm not sure what the heck she's talking about here, but then again, I'm not sure she does either.

sigh I guess it's cool to hate Jews again. And here I thought people only hated me cause I'm kinky ;)

OK, that is so crazy!
I used to live behind that store. There have always been jokes about Rainbow Grocery, mostly with a punch line involving keifer or the 36 varieties of lemongrass sold there and how to use them. It's the local grocery collective. Who knew they even imported? I thought they bought from local farms and artisans, that was part of the draw. So when I saw the article in the local paper, I went "hm!" then "how can they call a boycott without having a vote, if it's employee owned?" and then I stopped thinking about it because there are like 8 million other places to get lemongrass around here.

So yeah. People need to chill, get some frickin' perspective, and maybe act locally with all that thinking globally. Or, barring that, download some fucking Billy Squier songs and get the hell over themselves. ;D

"These bourgeois jews love to eat guilt-free according to their "religion" and "social conscience"."

Not true; I, for one, love to eat guilt-free according to how much chocolate is in the apartment at any given time.

I'm surprised all this anti-Jew stuff is coming out in the media. Because, you know, we own it and control it all.

Personally, I've been lucky in that everywhere I've lived, I've been either in a tolerant area or an area where there is a strong Jewish presence, so I've never felt discriminated against.

As for me, the only guilt I feel about eating food is when I think of all the work I'm going to have to put in at the gym to work off the meal I just downed.

On a side note, I find it interesting that with the anti-Muslim & anti-terrorist backlash in this country due to 9/11, you'd think more people would be sympathetic towards Israel, who deals with terrorists attacking them on a daily basis. They're an established country who've had to fight extremely hard for their existence, and they're getting hit by bombers and shooters practically every day. Now that we've experienced that kind of thing, you'd think the people in our country would be more sympathetic to Israel and its right to existence without fear of terrorist reprisal, rather than telling them they're being evil and they deserve the terrorist attacks they're undergoing and that they have no right to hit back when that's exactly what we're doing. And if anyone stood on a streetcorner and announced that he or she thought we deserved the terrorist attack we were subjected to or that we should just let the terrorists go without hitting them back, they'd get the shit beaten out of them.

hear fucking hear


I got your pot and kettle right here. Well, ok, not here. Across the pond.