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santa claus is coming - get a tissue!

If anyone out there lives in Oslo I need to have a picture of this:

A clothing store in downtown Oslo decided on an avant-garde window-dressing display to welcome in the Christmas season. Borrowing a few inflatable dolls from the condom specialists next door, the shop staged an unorthodox display.

One doll is dressed as Santa from the waist up. The other is on its knees in front of Father Christmas, with its face buried under Santa's red velvet gown. A sign proclaims: 'Santa Klauz is coming soon!'
"This is going too far," Laila Hansen told newspaper VG's web site. She thought the display was a prank that would provoke the wrath of the shop owner. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hugo Grimsrud, manager of the clothing store on Oslo's main street, Karl Johan's Gate, told VG Nett that the display was carefully planned.

"I think we've been very clever," Grimsrud said. "Of course I understand that some may offended but the idea is to be humorously provocative. We have started our countdown to Christmas and Santa is coming!"

Link via one of the only Liberals who still likes me


If you get the picture, I get a copy, too, 'kay??

PS- There are plenty of Liberals who like you...and if you give me a few days, I'll try to remember who they are.... ;0)


Laugh! I love it.

Hey, I'm a liberal who likes you, just as long as we don't talk politics. :)

Or hockey :)

I searched through some Scandinavian news sites, but this was the best I could come up with.