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But Miss World gets headlines

Today is Pearl Harbor Day and it wasn't until now, at 6pm that I finally saw a link on CNN about it.

Fox News has nothing on its main page about Pearl Harbor. Neither does the Washington Post. A New York Times Op-ed uses the occasion to launch into a rant about Iraq and Henry Kissinger and Saudis.

Just noting.


Of course, leave it to the bloggers to come through. John Hawkins at Right Wing News took a break from his normal weekend hiatus to post about Pearl Harbor Day.


And it's my birthday. I was pondering the fact earlier that all through my childhood I never understood what the day represented. I remember many adults commenting "oh, dear, your birthday is Pearl harbor Day"..etc. But no one ever really told me what it was. There was a bit of a deal made of the comparison of September 11 at the time which happens to be my best friend's birthday. There's probably not much out there because "they" think we deserved Pearl Harbor, like 9/11 too. Nice though, I got a beautiful Red, White and Blue bouquet from a hard Liberal friend of mine. Thoughtful and acknowledged, I was touched.

Happy Pearl Harbor Birthday! This is the first place I have seen a mention of it all day.
Then again I worked a craft show where my neighbors listened to Striesand Christmas Carol's ALL day!

I asked my 8 year old son earlier today what day it was and he answered Dec 7th. I asked him if that meant anything special and after thinking for a few seconds he answered that Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec 7 1941.

This really shouldn't surprise me though. He is the only kid I know that wants to stop and read every civil war historical marker on the side of the road. And here in VA, that is about every 100 yards :)

C S Lewis, as usual, said it best: If you want to destroy an infantry unit, you cut it off from its adjoining units. If you want to destroy a generation, you cut it off from knowledge of preceeding generations. (approximate quote.)

Dec 7, like Nov 22, Aug 16 and Sep 11 are days I never forget but sometimes I give it a break and listen to other people remember. This year is Pearl Harbor days turn.

Thank god I wasn't the only one who noticed the virtual media blackout about Pearl Harbor. I had the cable news networks on all day (muted) while studying for finals, because I wanted to see any Pearl Harbor stuff they had on. I never saw anything and figured they'd do it in the evening.

So, John was watching Fox News Channel at about 7 p.m., and I heard Shephard Smith say, "And on this day in history, in 1972, Ferdinand Marcos was stabbed!"

I was flossing at the time and literally came out of the bathroom, looked at the calendar on the wall, looked at John, back at the calendar, then at the TV, and finally asked him, "This IS December 7, right? This IS Pearl Harbor Day, right? What the fuck is WRONG with these people???"

Anyway. I'm still pissed off. The only place I saw any Pearl Harbor stuff was on my local news at 10 p.m., and they pointed out that at the Washington DC ceremony this year, only 50 - FIFTY - survivors attended. They didn't say if it was because of the weather or because there just aren't that many alive anymore, but either way, it makes my soul hurt. Maybe the survivors know nobody cares anymore.

Piss on our generation. Piss.

Fuck Miss World.

Like I give a shit who won the title signifying she is the most smiling plastic piece of transitional amphibian crap on the planet. I think that remembering Pearl Harbor, and all of our history, for that matter, should be of more importance. Surely that, rather than a bunch of cursory, pretentious, insignificant, superficial bullshit!

Sometimes the press decides that it's up the poop chute with its head.

Until 1942,this was also Deleware Day, the day in 17WTF when deleware's congress adopted the Constitution and became the first state.

Hey I posted about it at 2pm!
Of course I also babbled about what Robyn's going through and Watergate first. Not that any of those have anything to do with each other. That I know of anyway.

There was actually quite a few news sources on Pearl Harbor yesterday - but you're right, no one making a very big deal out of it. Or not spending much time on it. Actually I'd bet that no one paid that much attention to it pre 9-11, except people who know vets or have ties to military. I have a friend who's been doing Pearl Harbor reunion documentaries for ages and was always talking about how forgotten the vets were until Dec 7th...

And could someone tell me what the HELL was up with Miss World's earrings?
She'd never make it through airport security with those things.