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Christmas Decoration Hell tipsters come through

Kim and Scott have achieved the title of Grand Master TIPSters in the Christmas Decoration Hell project.

Not only did they go out and take pictures in their neighborhood, but they dedicated a little spot on the web to their findings.

They took pictures of five houses all together, but House 5 is definitely the winner in this bunch, for the overall effect of making their home look like the Small World ride at Disney was having a garage sale.

Congrats to Kym and Scott for a job well done.


Don't mess wit' da Bronx, baby.

While House 5 is truly horrifying, House 3 is my favorite. That baby seal in the midst of the nativity scene is classic. Behind the manger scene is a gingerbread family and their house, flanked on one side by Pooh Bear and a Santa/Mrs. Santa on the other side.

The flying sleigh is great, too. We're expecting MUCH more soon, as the neighborhood truly gears up. You should see the pix of the houses that DIDN'T come out. We're going back for more . . .

I just saw a house in da Bronx on TV last night! I think they said it was the King House. It was on Home and Garden TV on a special called "Extreme Christmas".

I don't think it's any of the ones you have so far, though.

Have any of you been down here to the back lot of MGM Studios where they took this Arkansas family's setup and put it there? Apparently, the town in Arkansas was shutting them down for going WAY over the top (people in the next county were going blind), and Disney bought the whole mess to dress for excess.

It's pretty cool. If you like that sort of thing...

I remember that, Soloner. Guy named Osbourne lived in Little Rock suburbs, ritzy part of town. His light displays kept getting bigger & bigger. Neighbors started bitching about the increased traffic through the neighborhood, and told him to stop it. He said Screw you, it's my property, I'll do what I want. They kept bitching, he started going way overboard just to show them that he could (he had more money than sense). It got really ugly. He finally agreed to sell the whole mess to Disney...that's how freaking huge the displays were. I never saw it in person, but the local news always ran a feature on it each year.

Last I heard, he still puts on a pretty big display, but has agreed to keep it toned down & limit the hours that it's lit to satisfy the neighbors.

There are two famous houses in NYC for Christmas -- one in Da Bronx on Eastchester Rd, and other down in Brooklyn. Both are so far over the top that it's unbelievable. We're talking Clark W. Griswold, here.

Damn, I hadn't heard that he sold it to Disney!
I have got to find out more about that story.
Meanwhile these photos are inspirational - I'm going to have to get busy with the camera next week...