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say yes

Isn't my nephew the cutest thing you've ever seen?




'Cept for my cats. Of course.

No way, my daughter has cute down to a science these days.

He's a cute one, alright. But what's with the kid and and the snowman sitting around him?

P.S., I didn't know you had any ursine blood in your family. :)

what a little cutie!

Yes, a real cutie.

But, let me raise the ante... I've got the cutest identical twin grandsons around!

Grandma bias, of course, but it's in the job description!


I suggest you use the picture for all propaganda, it will win over there heart like mine.

Wow, that cute.

Yep cute, cute, cute.

A like the kid as well.

Adorable (in a non-grandchild sort of way).
May he have a long and bountiful life.

Can I get a HELL YES?

What a beautiful boy!
And you're totally right, he does have a doppelganger somewhere out there.

can there be a cuter baby anywhere? NO

Disclaimer: The above commenter is the baby's mother.

But she's right!

WOW, He has got to be the CUTEST, BRIGHTEST, SWEETEST kid in town!!!!!!!
He MUST have the best parents (and Aunts) around!! Look at the grin, the outfit he is wearing (thanks Grandma), WOW what a darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awwww...love that little plotting & scheming smile on his face!

Well, I am the only one in the family with two nephews, so if you ask me, it's a tie. Aunt Lisa = Fair & Balanced =)