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in memory of

On December 6, 1989, fourteen women in Montreal died at the hands of Marc Lepine.

I was seven months pregnant at the time.

One of the women who was killed was named Nathalie Croteau.

I didn't know Nathalie, didn't know she existed until she was murdered and her picture appeared on the front page of my local paper. But my daughter, Natalie, is named after her.

Today is a day of rememberance for those women.


My husband's brother witnessed this event. He is still troubled by it. Interestingly though, I've never heard him discuss it in terms of a gender specific rampage, just a senseless rampage.

I was in that building an hour before it happened...

I'm kinda young to remember current affairs from '89, and I'm not exactly from around here, but I'm curious nonetheless...

Marc Lepine? Can someone illuminate me?

That wasn't meant to sound facetious. I just never heard of the guy, or the incident itself. And I was curious...


Michele, this was a devasting event, and at the risk of sounding just a tad Martha Burk-like, an action against women. And it should be remembered thus.

However....and a big HOWEVER....I am so pissed at the womyn's (eye roll) studies people who have turned this into a commemoration of victimhood....at McMaster University in the mid-90s they actually had a litany at which men had to repeat that they were part of the patriarchy....I had students who wanted to commemorate it for the right reasons but who came to my office confused about what it had become.

Sometimes I think women are their own worst enemies.

Jane u should shut up because u don't know what ur talkin about and by the way are u not a woman yourself so please michele is just trying to remember and reverence that day by naming her daughter after Natalie so please show some respect for others. You may not like it but that's our problem.