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Oh, Canada

Opposition to a war on Iraq has a long way to go before it rivals the draft-card burnings and demonstrations against the war in Vietnam in the 1960s, but a new anti-war movement is growing muscle. Some Canadians already have left for Iraq to serve as human shields against bomb attacks on Baghdad. More will follow before Christmas.

I got news for these people. When the bombing starts, no one is going to stop and say, "Oh, look! Anti-war activists! STOP THE BOMBING!"

I'm trying real hard to understand the point in doing this. Sure, they're against the war, I get that. Are they really so firm in their convictions that they would go protect a tyrannical dictator who has been known to drop his own citizens in vats of acid and torture young children?

What's their next mission? Form a protective circle around Arafat? Jump the fences at Camp Gitmo?

One of the women said Im not too scared. I think it will be a powerful experience.

Yes, dear. Powerful. As in KABOOM.


"One of the women said Im not too scared. I think it will be a powerful experience.

Yeah...like performance art or something. Oh the rush! I guess this woman has no kid, job or a life. Must be nice.

I hope she makes out her last will and testament before she goes. What a dufus.

That's right ,dear,we'll let Saddam keep his toys and gasses if it means that we might hurt your little white rear-end.We're sorry.We'll play nice now.

kkkrrrsshhhh this is red one to red four. ten points for hitting the big maple leaf on your next run. over. kkkrrrsshhhh

Future Darwin Award winners.

"Viper One to Viper Flight, approaching IP, aim for the fat cow in the Birkenstocks..."

are they auditioning for a future Jackass movie?

Well, at least the Canadian gene pool will be improved.

Is it wrong for me to hope that one (or all) of them catch the lustful eye of Uday Hussein? Or that they get a chance to get "up close and personal" with the professional Iraqi "violators of women's honour"?

Probably. But I'd like to see those morons get a taste of what innocent Iraqi women have suffered under Saddam's vile regime.

At least they acted on their beliefs instead of sitting around whining about it.

I still think they're wrong, but who knows, they might get their eyes opened over there.

One of the women said “I’m not too scared. I think it will be a powerful experience.”

You know. It's remarks like these that make me wonder how much time idealists actually spend out there in the REAL WORLD™.

These idiots (this is so stupid that they are not even useful idiots) have no understanding of the law of war. A protected person who deliberately acts as a human shield for a military objective is no longer a protected person but a combatant. Bombs away.

We've all heard of "suicide by cop." This is "suicide by USAF."