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with friends like these.....

I'm a bit confused as to why the Saudis are referred to as "our friends."

The Saudi police minister has claimed Jews were behind the Sept. 11 attacks because they have benefited from subsequent criticism of Islam and Arabs, according to media reports.

Interior Minister Prince Nayef made the remarks in the Arabic-language Kuwaiti daily Assyasah last month. The latest edition of Ain al-Yaqeen, a weekly Internet magazine devoted to Saudi issues, posted the Assyasah interview and its own English translation.

"We know that the Jews have manipulated the Sept. 11 incidents and turned American public opinion against Arabs and Muslims," Prince Nayef was quoted as saying in the Arabic text, while Ain al Yaqeen's English version referred to "Zionists" instead of "Jews."

"We still ask ourselves: Who has benefited from Sept. 11 attacks? I think they (the Jews) were the protagonists of such attacks," Nayef was quoted as saying. Nayef's spokesman, Saud al-Musaibeeh, did not respond to repeated requests for confirmation the minister had been quoted accurately.

Friends of whom, exactly? Radical Muslims? Terrorists? Arafat? They sure as hell don't sound like any friend I would want to have.


Like many a charicature(Scrooge McDuck,Monty Burns),they seem to be friends with their money and all else is double dealing to keep it .OT,Dino singing "Baby its cold outside"

it's the oil - stop tittering

seriously, SA's provide shitloads of oil to the US and allow them to have thier bases there - one of the reasons old dirty bin laden gave as motivating force for al quaeda - strange bloke. Plus he got bootted from there.

Also is important in terms of middle east "stability" - now you can laugh - as a western friendly nation that doesn't want to a ttack israel every day... only every two I guess

I love how Arab chuckleheads in their mid-east nut-hatches think all they have to do to ensure 100% secrecy is to spew their hate-filled comments in Arabic. What, do they think we don't have Arabic speakers in the west?

I believe at first it was largely inertia from the State Dept. Now however I think it's merely a holding action to keep the Saudi's relatively quiet while we bring about events that will lead to their destruction. The greatest harm we could do to them, short of actual invasion, would be to install a democracy in Iraq. They already fear any prospect of that, and are squealing about it. I believe Mr. Bush is sincere in his responsibilites, and that a day of reckoning is coming for the Saudi's. They just can't broadcast such a goal, and make it work.

I refuse to believe that Mr. Bush's inner circle has any fondness left for the House of Saud. They're just being methodical in this, just as they are with Iraq. I may very well be dead wrong on this, but my instincts go in this direction.