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Mr. Feces Flinging Monkey on why the smallpox vaccine won't mean crap in the end.


That has got to be the coolest domain name I have ever seen.

But isn't crap supposed to go in the end? Or out the end, now I'm confused.

Wow. Happy Friday everyone.

but isn't everyone in this country who was born before 1971 already vaccinated?

and may i add: fucking YIKES! shudder

Oh, my God, that is some scary shit! And yes, tanya, we have been vaccinated, but the conventional wisdom says those became ineffective after perhaps 5 years. To make it even worse, now there's talk of possibly genetically engineered smallpox for which there would be no vaccine...

oh. splendid.

Despite what the Monkey says, weaponizing smallpox isn't all that easy. Infecting someone isn't too hard -- ask the American Indians about blankets -- but making a deliverable payload out of it is harder, and doing the genetic engineering to turn it into a "superbug" isn't something that can be done in a third-world lab in a cave. Y'know?

Be a little concerned, sure... but don't panic.

Not since the days of the North American "whiskey traders' has anyone had a credibly thretening way (yes the blanket thing) to "weaponize" smallpox. And, anyone who thinks boths the U.S. & U.S.S.R. didn't try their damnest during the "best" of the cold war days, well, then, they might as well allow themselves to get paranoid over the web and aministration allusions to Iraq & (of course, Cuba's) capabilities and/or intentions. What a bunch of crap, and they know it.
To be safe, if anyone wants your buffalo togues or beaver pelts in exchange for an Afgan comforter, don't take the comforter home !!!