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more crap in lieu of real content

Woke up a tad late today, on the day when I should be leaving early because the roads are icy and every asshole with a brake pad will be slipping and sliding all over the place today.

Today's schedule includes a breakfast for one of the Judges who is moving on to another court in January, and our annual Secretaries Holiday Luncheon where the Judges take the secretaries out to show their appreciation, but which is really an excuse for all the Judges to stand up and make fun of each other, which is really ok, because we just keep ordering drinks and putting it on their tab. I don't think I will be going back to work when the luncheon is over.

I'll leave you - for now - with this, from the comments at blogcritics on my now infamous Led Zeppelin post:

better lay off, michele...that is unless you'd like me to go all jay and silent bob on your fat, hypocritical ass.

What does that mean? Anyhow, you would think the fact that the site is called BlogCRITICS would give it away that some of the reviews and such would be CRITICAL.

Anyhow, I'm gearing up for my Alternative Christmas Mix CD Volume 3, so start thinking of some good songs. I'm going to try to stay away from war talk to day, just because it's Friday.


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go all jay and silent bob on you

hmmm. he's going to be stoned and quiet. that sounds ok.

now where's my 'houses of the holy' cd....

One of my faves has always been the Kinks "Father Christmas." You can't go wrong with street kids getting medieval on a Salvtion Army Santa.

Jay as in naked as a. Silently bobbing! hmmmm, hhmmmm?