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crap on a stick

I probably should stop my nightly tour of the far left sites. It's both exhausting and frightening. And sometimes, amusing.

Tonight's idiocy comes from good old voxNYC

The Bush Family Must be Immediately Killed

By the administrationís own policy the Bush family must be immediately destroyed. No trial, no explanation, no warning - Just immediate death.

According to White House officials the Presidentís policy is that ANY ďassociationĒ with ANY suspected Al Queda or terrorist is sufficient enough for immediate extermination by the CIA or US military.

Yet there is NO other family in America today who has had closer ties with the Bin Ladens than the Bush family. And that bears repeating.

First of all, calling for the death of the president and his family clearly indicates your intelligence level. Not the shiniest roll of tin foil in the store, are you, Vox?

Secondly, your foil hat must be on a bit too tight. Sure, if you are riding around in a car in Yemen with a bunch of guys that bombed a U.S. submarine, you're gonna end up a bloody mess. Oh well. I hardly think the CIA is going to start sending out forces to knock on the door of every American home:

Knock knock
Who's there?
It's the CIA, Sir.
What do you want?
Are you now or have you ever been associated with a member of al-Qaeda?
Well, my uncle's brother-in-law lives in Afghanistan and...

Me, I say if a guy is hanging with the enemy, especially during a time of war, you bring the bastard down. It's called being a traitor, and most Americans don't take that too lightly.

Then again, Vox, the CIA just might be interested in you and your gang of al-Qaeda sympathizers.

Oh wait, we don't need to worry about a thing, because VOX reader Sabu knows all!

When the Moon reach it's 9th vortex, there will be much blood spilled over the Earth. The Earths inner-systems will destroy those who are worthless to the ONE! The illuminati, Vatican, an the rest of the host will have to come out of the darkness, an walk with the people. The people will see the reptile resemblance in these persons an will kill them on site. There will be no escape.

Posted by Sabu

Ok, so someone just tell me when it is that the moon reaches its 9th vortex so I can make sure there is film in my camera. Wait....reptiles coming out of the darkness and walking with the people? Wasn't that the plot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

And from there the thread delves into the "no plane hit the Pentagon" crap that my mind just can not handle right now.

Oh, and if it weren't enough that I'm getting comment pies thrown at me for my politics, I know have to deal with two dipshit girls slagging me for making fun of Led Zeppelin. Can't you make fun of anyone around here anymore? Have we all gone mad?

I'm going to bed. Last one out, turn off the lights.

but leave the night light on, ok?

Note to Bonnie: Bring my Nick Cave cd to work tomorrow, you skank ho.


should I tell you about the taliabn visiting dubya's ranch early 2001?

btw - great episode of Nash bridges last night (I knew that would crack you up) featuring a guy who'd tin foiled his entire house - it was beautiful, artistic, utterly paranoid. Oh and there were talking ventriloquest dolls. And Mellanie Griffiths' ex.

The world would be a much better place if a few more people were willing to make fun of Led Zeppelin. They took themselves way too seriously. (Like U2.)

Besides, we've all heard "Rock and Roll" far too many times. And the next jackass DJ that plays "Stairway to Heaven" or "Kashmir" gets his underwear pulled over his head.

Errr, isn't a federal crime to threaten the life of the President and his family? You know, in case anyone wanted to have some link forwarding fun with voxNYC :)

Um - its 11:30 pm - haven't packed yet for my trip tomorrow. I will start looking for it though. Couldn't you have asked between donuts and coffee and "work" at some point today???? See you tomorrow fuck stick.

I never saw the appeal of Led Zeppelin... the best description I can give their music was "sloppy".

I went straight from Eric Clapton and jumped right into Van Halen and Motley Crue. The 70's was a bit of a blur...

|cLin conflict, I like Zep but, when I finally got around to paying attention to the lyrics, I had to laugh at them. What I really hate are music snobs - and its snobish to act rude and childish if you can't listen to criticism of something you like. (Yeah, I already went over and lectured the Led Zep fans, that attitude pisses me off.) Meanwhile I'm going to be totally geeky and quote Dave Barry (who I generally don't like)'s survey of bad songs, when he combined the hate mail he got from Neil Diamond fans into one letter that represented them all:

"Dear Pukenose,
Just who do you think you are to blah blah a great artist like Neil blah more than 20 gold records blah blah how many gold records do you have, you scumsucking wad of blah I personally have attended 1794 of Neil's concerts blah blah What about Love on the Rocks huh? What about Cracklin Rosie? blah blah If you had one tenth of Neil's talent blah blah so I listened to Heart Light forty times in a row and the next day the cyst was gone and the doctor said he had never blah blah..."

Isn't it funny how irate fans sound similar, no matter what musician they're defending?

And on the other topic, yes, I thought if you overtly threatened the President your name would automatically go down in the Big Book of Wackaloons that the Secret Service keeps on such folk.

And I have no idea how I did that nifty lil mess of characters at the start of that comment. Hmmm. I was trying to say "I'm in conflict" - mostly I'm in need of sleep, I think...

Neil Diamond's music can cure cysts? Wow that's good to know if...

Nah, I'd rather have the surgery. :0)

I'm not an attorny, but while in the service my unit was tasked to help out the Secret Service on a particular detail in 81. According to the briefing we got, It's a federal crime to directly threaten the life of the president, punishable by ten years imprisonment. The loophole maybe is in the indirectness of the threat. He didn't say he would do it, just that it should be done. I think he needs to bang his head into a tree until he sees Jesus, but thats just me. I'm also quite sure that the Secret Service will take an interest in him. the effect of which sadly will be to probably inflate his ego.

Yes, unfortunately the Secret Service (or should that be SS?) investigate all threats against the President, including harmless jokes made by British nationals about choking on pretzels.

I think the point that Vox was trying to make went over everyone's heads. Y'all do realize that the Bushes are in it up to their necks with the bin Ladens?

The Carlyle Group -- which Poppy is a member of, along with the bin Ladens -- is one of the most powerful interests in the world today. They recently decided to buy a top secret British weapons development lab.

Why do they need this?

Yes, he was over-the-top in trying to drive home his point, but he DOES have a valid one -- the Bushes aren't the saintly folks that they constantly try to claim they are. All of that nonsense about restoring dignity to the White House from the 2000 campaign was a load of shit.

Clinton got a blowjob; Poppy and Dubya have far worse offenses on their records. Or do y'all not care? I'd say it's the latter.

When making those cute little tinfoil hats, does the shiny go on the inside or the outside? I can never remember....

You forgot the Skull'n'Bones, Scott. And the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs and the Mickey Mouse Club.

Except the Carlyles are real.

Read this article.

The Mickey Mouse Club is real too. I saw it on TV.
I really hope that if vox bangs his head against a tree until he sees Jesus he remembers to ask Him what He'd drive. Dang, wouldn't seeing Jesus instantly align him with the far right?
Oh... and Led Zep was cool to listen to when I was young enough to say things like "dis".

Gawd, I love how the lefties get so wrapped up in making the point that they are able to excuse just about anything -- killing the First Family, flying airplanes into the WTC, shooting policemen while they're filling their gas tanks...

Scott, honey, you gotta come to the realization that how you say it very dramatically impacts the reception of what you say. Frankly, I don't care if Vox had a point, because I -- along with almost all rational, thinking people -- turned the asshole out immediately, simply because of his approach; it suggests that he might not put much deep thought into his message, either. Sorta like Ted Rall.

Or for that matter, the drunk who pukes down the front of your shirt while he's asking for a handout.

Do I make myself clear?

I played in a band from '72 til '75... I even remember a few gigs but only when we couldn't score before showtime.


Man we sucked... LOL...

I HATED Stairway to Heaven, slow, obtuse and the chicks couldn't dance to it, but we had to play it. The jerk-wads would stand and clap at the stage till we did.

We worked up a really terrible version of it and would play it the second set every night... double time up to the point where it's supposed to speed up then half time... never had to play it twice in the same night.

Aren't the lizard things part of Sciencetology? The beasties that are trying to eat our souls through our dirty underwear? Maybe that fellow should move to St Pete, Fla and get him some sessions.

L. Ron to the rescue!


Whenever this comment log throws up two camps (well, usually one person vs one FUCKING HUGE HEAVILY MILITARISED CONSENSUS OF IMPASSABLY SELF-ASSURED OPINION) that disagree with each other politically, I hear the phrase 'leftie' mentioned.

And, strangely, I can't help thinking about those rival gangs in West Side Story, attempting to look dangerous and intimidating through the ancient art of tap dancing around and warbling in barely passable high-pitched choruses.

Mostly because they tended to sound pretty ridiculous, simple and pathetic too.

I always hated musicals.

"Scott, honey, you gotta come to the realization that how you say it very dramatically impacts the reception of what you say. Frankly, I don't care if Vox had a point, because I -- along with almost all rational, thinking people -- turned the asshole out immediately, simply because of his approach; it suggests that he might not put much deep thought into his message, either. Sorta like Ted Rall.

Or for that matter, the drunk who pukes down the front of your shirt while he's asking for a handout.

Do I make myself clear?"

Yes, you certainly do. You're a right-wing, foaming at the mouth, sorry excuse for humanity. But we already knew that, so I digress.

See, folks like you, honey, aren't interested in discussion. You're just interested in smacking down any thought that goes opposite your beliefs.

Well guess what, toots, "along with almost all rational, thinking people" is a mis-statement. Sure, he was inelegant (and for the record, I didn't bother going to read his entire screed -- didn't need to, based on the reaction of y'all), but as is the norm with the Pugnican neo-cons, you ganged up and tried to shout down the whole mess. Sorta like in Miami during the recounts in 2000.

Smooches, doll.

Kisses, Troy-sweetie.

I'm feeling it! Are you feeling it?

Ok, I've stopped now.

You twitch so well, Scott -- that just makes it so worth it!

But I'm not right-wing, not at all. And we're not trying to shout Rall down -- we're making fun of the idiot! There's a difference...

I'll bet you can't say your're not on the left, though. Every one of your trolling posts here absolutely screams it, at the top of its little squeaky voice.

Oh, one question: do you spit or swallow? ;^*

Hooray for Troy. It's been so long since I've seen a commenter here that's willing to get into a fight with someone, while totally ill equipped to do so.

Why, if he didn't think he had some sort of large gang of cronies...um, sorry 'rational, thinking people' behind him who'd wash over his gaping argumentative holes, he'd have slunk off into the darkness long before now, and I wouldn't still be laughing now. Thanks...

But Troy, dear, points of view are expressed in a variety of different ways, in different styles and with variable vehemence and force. Sometimes, even in...(gasp) different languages. Would you just throw away 95% of world literature and its messages because it contained phraseology that YOU didn't like? No, because that creates a race of narrow minded, self-important individuals who don't listen, don't learn, and wallow in their own perceived greatness until the guillotine is wheeled in.

Oh yeah, and you don't win an argument once you've categorised someone as 'left' or 'right'. Because neither one is an insult, dumbass. I think McCarthy tried something like that back in the fifties. What do rational, thinking people say about him, hon?

Crimson Cow, the froth dribbling down your chin detracts from your attempted argument. Please try to do something about that, will you?

I happened to witness McCarthy's behavior, back in the fifties; I can assure you that what's happening here in these comments is nothing of that sort. The stretch from my dismissal of Rall's garbage to "throw[ing] away 95% of world literature" is of similar magnitude. Neither allegation manages to rise above "pitiful" on the Argument Scale™, and doesn't place at all on the intelligence scale.

But then, you're the clown who thinks that likening the present administration to the Nazis is high argument, too. Sad. Pathetic, even.

There was a similar incident in dayton ohio about a kid with a tee shirt saying "Not my president" and a crosshairs on Bushes head. The principle of the school immediatly notified the FBI and
the secret service decended on the school to keep america safe. And the principal of the school declared himself a true American hero. God bless america.