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in macy's window, baby

I love referrer logs.

Came across this one:

The Trommetter Times
A Christian Journal of Politics, Religion and Opinion

The first thing on that archived page says:

This is the page where I put all the posts about politically correct Jackasses. I've singled out some web sites for special mention here at the top of the page.

And there I am, with the ACLU (which I despise), The NEA (which I have no love for), The Rainbow Coalition (perhaps he did not see my post slagging Jesse Jackson), NOW (I am SO not a women's libber), among others.

Me? Politically correct? Ok, I am jackass, I admit that. But I'm not a politically correct jackass.

Maybe the fact that I'm a pro-choice atheist gets his panties in a bunch. But I do think that labeling me a jackass when he does not know me is mighty un-Christian like of him.

However, I will turn the other cheek.

Here's my cheek, babe. Now kiss it.


3 adjectives never to trust on blog or a personal ad: Christian, classy, and smart.

No fair. I read worshipfully every day. He's snotty and gets to lay a kiss on?

Well, I was going to fart when he kissed my ass.

Hah. I made his "watch list" a while back, along with a few other bloggers I know are pro-choice. The guy's a schmuck.

Damn! All I can ever say when I read your posts is.... YOU GO GIRL!!!!! ;o)

He's a shmuck who also won't respond to comments - I called him on some things he wrote a month or so ago, and he never replied (of course, neither did his reader - wait, same person).

you could do a whole lot worse than get dissed by someone who hasn't read what you have to say.

I might be weird, but I thought it was really funny that he's using blogrolling.com to maintain his "jackass list". ASV had a nice [updated] next to it and everything, plus he's helping push up your ranking.