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let snow...and ice...and sleet

Yea, I think I'll be leaving work now.

A fifteen minute drive will now be a half hour ride to aggravation.


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and you call yourself a new yorker. da noive. east-coasters are wusses.

at least you get to leave. i have to stay here, watching the snow build-up, until 4:30. that would be oh - about an hour or so AFTER the real snow falls. and my 3 mile drive will take a friggin hour. Most people freak out when it rains... can you imaging the hysteria over driving in this snow? i'm sure it's equal or greater than the hysteria over milk and tampons, dont you?

Atlanta is now entirely bereft of toilet paper, milk, and bread.
It's 42 degrees here, and the commute is still going to suck.

The court closed at 2:00 pm - I left at 2:30 and didn't get home until 4:15. Big fun.